THE ASYLUM CITY / ... The New Jerusalem ...

VIII - With the Days, the Years ... 1971-2000

(?) 1971 - One night comes a strange dream-vision that I believe I shall keep intact in my mind for a long time as it is so precise in detail and comprehension, to the point I might ask whether I was asleep or awake.

I suddenly feel an enormous weight on my chest as if something wants to penetrate. And I sense that the "thing" which weighs so much, seeking to penetrate, is an "evil spirit." I feel as if paralyzed and it comes to mind that if I can reach my beads under my pillow I would be free from it. With pain and effort I succeed in sliding my hand, even if it weighs under an enormous gravity, and I seize the cross and start reciting the "I believe in God", hammering each word.

At once I see the black mass lift off leaving behind drops of a black and corrosive liquid that I understand can penetrate the floor, even the crust of the earth, down to hell. And I have the clear comprehension that if the "thing" had penetrated I would have lost my faith. So since that night the "I believe in God" has become for me one of the most crucial of prayers.

And while I see the "black thing" lift off at my left and which I know to be the "evil spirit" I suddenly see above me to my right a bar of intense white light which seems to be alive and a ray of the same intense light coming out to touch a rock which instantly sprung into existence. And I understand that this light is "the Good Spirit", the One Who gives existence. And I hear myself say, "Ah, God is existence and life. The other one is corrosion and death."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

August 14, 1976 - While in San Damiano, Italy, on a pilgrimage I had undertaken to make throughout the peninsula, I stop, as I do everyday since my arrival at this site about fifteen days ago, at the window of the little chapel in front of which we have to pass after having walked through the entrance which is guarded, so to speak, by a bronze statue of Padre Pio. I especially stop to look at Our Lord's picture as He appeared to Sr. Faustina of Poland. It is as if I cannot pass without greeting, never suspecting what would happen on this particular day of the 14th ... suddenly I see slashes appear on the right side of Our Lord's face on the picture while hearing strong whiplashes (cf. Section VII, and the photo below which I take despite my most complete astonishment).

And suddenly I become afraid, for the thought comes that I may be the cause. Consequently I spend all day and also all the following night in being deeply desolate, and it is very timidly the next morning of the 15th, the last day of my stay in San Damiano, that I venture to look from the side of the window, and then I am reassured to see the slashes gone. What a relief!

Now I am not the only one to see the manifestation. A lady from Holland whom I came to know will also see and hear with amazement. This will be for us both the culminating point, it goes without saying, of our stay in San Damiano, besides the days of prayers which follow one another without stop nearly, except for respites at the time for meals: it is processions with rosaries scanned with the Stabat Mater, litanies, etc. All begin in the wee hours of the morning to stop late in the evening, with vigil hours at night. We pray a lot in San Damiano!

I see Mama Rosa but once as on this particular day she passes right by me, supported by two ladies. She appears suffering very much, and so can only receive people but rarely.

The well from which is drawn the St. Michael water at a certain time of the day for the pilgrims is in the backyard of the house. I shall take with me a large bottle before leaving.

Everything unfolds in silence in San Damiano, with no rush despite the many people. A notice posted on a wall warns the "integrists" not to intervene with the pilgrims. There was intervention on their part, I am told, especially in the beginning. They now stand outside the enclosure to intervene with the people who are not wary. They come mainly from Switzerland. This intervention on their part, to prejudice the apparition site by trying to use it for their cause, brings me later to understand the reason for the slashes on Christ's face!

Above is the photo of the miraculous manifestation during my stay in San Damiano.
See the slashes on the right of Christ's face on the picture in Mama Rosa's chapel.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

October 10, 1976 - My August pilgrimage in Italy will finally decide me to go to Quebec City and, if possible, become a member of The Army of Mary about which I had heard since 1971 and had begun to receive the first small journal. So here I am in Quebec City on the occasion of a celebration by the movement and I come to meet the foundress, Marie-Paule Giguère and her priest collaborators, FF. Philippe Roy, Victor Rizzi and Denis Laprise, as also many other members and collaborators, religious as well as lay people (cf. my historical and biographical essay in Section VII, and my photo that follows).

At 46, at the time of my becoming a member of The Army of Mary, I did not yet carry the name of John/Albert, which will be given only on Semptember 13, 1990, during the dream-vision related in Section V (cf. photo A17).

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April, 1980 - A strange dream-vision comes to me one night during which I see a magnificent tree I know symbolizes the Marian work, The Army of Mary, that I have been in since October 10, 1976, following a pilgrimage to San Damiano, Italy (see Section VII), made during the preceding month of August. I see myself above ground at the left of the tree and I hear myself yelling at the top of my head to people on the other side, to the right, extending their hands towards the magnificent tree. I yell to them to watch out for the enormous green serpent wound around the trunk with its head hidden in the luxuriant foliage, but in vain I cry out as nobody hears me.

I inform Marie-Paule Giguère, foundress of the movement of what I believe to be a dream-vision of a most unusual nature and disturbing at its recall, all the more that around the same period during a conference of The Militia of Christ affiliated* with the movement, conference she was presiding in the basement of Saint Pius X church in Quebec City, I see in broad daylight the vision of the hidden steel blue head of the serpent replace down to the upper torso the head of the foundress sitting on the stage right in front of me and dart its piercing black eyes at me.

I then think I am hallucinating, but interiorly I know why I had seen the enormous green serpent before wound around the tree with the head hidden in the very heart of the tree: it aimed the heart of the movement, the foundress.


* The Marian Movement of Priests was on the verge of affiliating itself also to the movement around the same time, but the day the founder, Fr. Gobbi, came to the Center of The Army of Mary, at 2040 26e Rue, in Quebec City, he backed off in horror at the sight of a huge serpent he saw crawl in the entrance. He understood that the movement was attacked, which he confided to Fr. Philippe Roy, the director of the movement and his close collaborator. The alliance which was to take place did not then happen and Fr. Philippe Roy had to make the choice and quit the Marian Movement for Priests for which he had worked so much. And no one else than Fr. Philippe understood Fr. Gobbi's retreat which crushed his heart. The story made its way out following many other nefarious happenings which followed the unfortunate imposition on Marie-Paule of the false "little Michael" by a high prelate of the Church, Msgr. Jean-Pierre Van Lierde (cf. "Life of Love", Le Rosier d 'Or, 1273 22e Rue, Quebec City, QC G1J 1T1), imposition which gave direct access to the Evil One into a great Marian Movement who will manifest itself again in as a concrete and dramatic fashion as before, this time on the road, in full daylight, of Fr. Jean-Paul Bélanger, the new director of The Army of Mary, who was going down to see the one that Heaven called to collaborate with Marie-Paule, Bernard Parks, Joseph Francis of Saint John, NB, guardian of the statue of The Weeping Madonna of Canada (cf. Le Royaume, May 1984, P.O. Box 126, Lac-Etchemin, QC; Stella Maris, September 1985, Editions du Parvis, CH-1631, Hauteville/Switzerland; "Mary, Why Do You Cry?", Rev. Albert J. Hebert, S.M., P.O. Box 309, Paulina, LA 70763), for the realization of The City of the Immaculate in Lac-Etchemin, QC. It will take the discernment of his brother, Fr. Grégoire Bélanger, to make him understand the true nature of the enormous animal coiled at the side of the road before arriving in Saint John. Fr. Jean-Paul thought the animal had fallen from a circus truck ... it never dawned on him this would have been quite a stopper for the other motorists, had they been given to see it!

However Heaven is watching and in due time, which is not that for off anymore, this monster will be chased away, but not without much din, according to Chistiane of France, "It will take an earthquake to help Marie-Paule come out of her anchylosis and come to The Asylum City, The New City of the Immaculate, The New Jerusalem for the New Era."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 28, 1980 - Explanation of the dream-vision of the tree wrapped by a huge serpent, which occurred in April 1980 and authenticated by Marie-Paule on the 28th (cf. photocopy below of her letter).

As it was said above, the tree symbolized The Army of Mary, and the dream of prophetic import, as we now know, meant that the enemy has its head hidden within the movement.

I had seen myself elevated on the right of the tree and yelling to the point of losing my voice at the people I could also see elevated on the left and reaching out to the tree for they were drawn by its beauty.

I yelled at these people to be careful of the huge emerald serpent wound around the trunk whose head disappeared in the luxuriant thickness of the tree. But to no avail!

This dream-vision I had it in April 1980 and at about the same period, in the St. Pius X church, during a conference in the basement, I had the vision in broad daylight of the person whose head was transforming into an inverted triangle, to designate that here was the hidden head of the serpent. What a nightmare later to want to explain to myself what I had seen in broad daylight and which had frozen me. And what piercing eyes at the top of this inverted triangle. I pushed it all aside believing it had been an hallucination.

By looking at the sketch of the tree, a strange parallel jumps to our eyes:

both wrapped by the same ancient serpent, at the beginning and towards the end!

In the Garden of Eden, the enemy attained its goal by making Eve fall.

In the case of the Army of Mary there is yet time to intervene I believe to drive out the enemy and give back to the movement all its sap the enemy is robbing by pressing close the trunk, the foundress that an entourage is choking.

All of this is delicate matter, consequently my cries fall in the void for third persons intervene to sow discord (cf. photo and explanation of December 21, 2002, Section IX) ... however these cries should not always remain without an answer.

May Our Lady of All Peoples intervene for the Church and the world, and the other plan that Heaven nevertheless had to put in place in order to counteract the Evil One's action, The Asylum City.

Translated version of Marie-Paule's handwritten letter:

April 28, 1980

The Army of Mary
P.O. Box 95, Limoilou
Quebec, QC, G1L 4T8, Canada
Tel. 661-7925

Dear John/Albert,

Courage. The tree that you saw is flourishing: it is The Army of Mary and the Militia of Christ. The serpent with its head hidden is someone working mischief and this from the beginning. When I see all of you, it will be easy to evict it, at least I believe so. It is a dream-vision which you had ...

The tree is also the Church, and we cry in the desert. Have faith.

With affection,


It is curious, you both have the same holy card ...*
* Allusion is made here to the images given at the reception in "The Sons and Daughters of Mary." Mine resembled one given to another person.

It will only be much later, in fact 11 years later (see following account of February 3, 1991), that I  shall fully be able to make the link between the serpent, of the dream-vision and the vision, and "the little Michael" imposed, under false obedience, on the foundress by a cleric (Msgr. Jean-Pierre Van Lierde, of Rome) though she had rejected him and this from the beginning (cf. "Life of Love") and who continues to be imposed on her by other clerics who are mistaken regarding the wearing of a long white dress the foundress must accept, with the result of putting aside the magnificent ivory moiré dress that Heaven had given the foundress to signify her royal role of the "servant" of Our Lady of All Peoples, a role of authority for the opening of the New Eden. This role the Evil One wants to take away from her by making believe that the mission of the foundress is now over and that she must now yield her place and disappear ... when her great role, tied to the foundation of The City of the Immaculate which could not come about as wanted then by Heaven, must continue more than never with the revival of Heaven's plans through the creation of The Asylum City towards which Marie-Paule must soon direct her steps. So there is the strange parallel between the tree of the first Eden where Eve was tempted by the serpent in the tree in order to rob humanity of this Eden, and the tree of the New Eden of the dream-vision, where the ancient serpent is again trying to hinder and cause humanity to lose a second time what The Father wishes to give back to humanity through the "servant."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

August (?), 1981 - In a dream-vision here I am at the entrance of a large building with a vast foyer whose walls are of green veined marble with high columns also in green marble resting on a floor of the same material and supporting a balustrade high up surrounding the ceiling which was but a brilliant mass of yellow light that I understood was Heaven.

Still on the threshold I knew that I had to enter in order to go Up above.

Now to my left and separated from the foyer by a row of columns, there was a wide corridor where I saw a large crowd of people entering. There were men, women, young people and even children. All sauntered along in a quite noticeable semi-darkness talking unawares that they were heading straight towards a wide door which led into darkness where the hallway slanted downwards.

I shuddered at the sight and I understood that I could not go that way, but rather towards a light brown high door right in front where I could see a rather narrow spiral stairway which led above. I found the incline rather steep but at least it led towards the light. So I took the step to go towards it, with a sigh of resignation for I sensed all the effort I would have to make to go up. But I had the consolation that it was the right way, the one all the good souls took to go to Heaven.

About to take a step my eye caught a low small door to my right whose entrance was illuminated with the same golden light of the ceiling. And I saw that the small door opened on a kind of rescue tunnel of silk of two colors, blue and white. And on the side of this tunnel which went straight up above was written, "St. Louis Grignon de Montfort." At the side of the small door stood the Virgin Mary small in size and dressed in a beautiful blue mantle, similar to the one I shall see some time later at The Center of the Immaculate in Quebec City, one day in August, a little before the reception of the lay members of The Sons and Daughters of The Army of Mary.

At the sight of the mantles which Sr. Jeanne d'Arc Demers was racking, I was surprised for here was like a confirmation of my dream-vision. In the spring had taken place a reception for the religious members of the community but in discretion. Now was coming the reception for the lay members, but which was not yet announced. Thus was Sr. Jeanne d'Arc surprised to hear me say, "Ah, the mantles for The Sons and Daughters of Mary", and asked me how I came to know about it. I then spoke about my dream-vision. Next I went to talk about it to Fr. Denis Laprise who said, "What you saw was about the small way of St. Thérèse of Lisieux." I answered, "No, Father, for it was written besides the Little Virgin in beautiful print, "The Marian Way." The way that opens up by making the consecration.

So I went down on "all fours", so to speak, in order to enter the little door, becoming thus small to enter ... and the dream-vision ended.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

September 1983 - The following account is from a diocesan animator of The Army of Mary in Petit Rocher at the time:

Who were the first animators ...? Here are a few considerations -

In the third week of September ‘83, our provincial delegate of the Militia of Christ, John/Albert Arseneau, came one day to my daughter Jeannine's where I was staying for reasons of sickness. He looked sad. He was back from Quebec where he had met with Marie-Paule regarding two persons1 of our group in difficulty with The Army of Mary for some time and whose biography she was considering taking out of her volumes for, as she said, "Enough is enough."

What struck me is that despite the fact he knew these two persons did not favor him - not to say more - he had yet pleaded that their biography not be taken out. He feared the consequences and it grieved him deeply. I did not know what to tell him to comfort him.

After he was gone I started to think about all the accusations against him which now appear calumnies and exaggerations for, on one hand, there were too many, and, on the other, I had been witness to injustices toward him, being at the time the animator of The Army of Mary, in Petit Rocher, and the delegate was one of the knights of my group and never had I had to complain about him in the least. On the contrary he was always ready to be of service, but for the few people who resented him his role still meant that he always wanted to control. Yet, in his responsibility as prior he was understanding, amiable and respectful toward everybody and he knew how to put us at ease.

And one thing is clear, when I say I was struck by the nice and generous gesture of the delegate toward these two people, it did not agree with the malicious statement heard against him from a priest2 of the Center during my trip to Quebec City with my cousin Marie-Rose Roy, in July ‘83, "John/Albert Arseneau", he said, "is sick in the head and likes to make people suffer." The same statement heard later by one who got on well with the two personages in question. Bizarre, is it not?

And why would they have named him delegate for the whole province of New Brunswick the following month if he were sick in the head? A nomination which was announced before the ceremony as to be a surprise for certain ones, ever the same ones who considered he liked to make people suffer so much and whose plan was to have him completely thrown out of The Army of Mary, even despite his nomination, as I learned afterwards. Thanks be to God they did not succeed, though their plan remained kindled. And, if the plan did not succeed, it is because in God's plan the delegate was to stay, and that was that!

The next day, John/Albert comes to us again. Jeannine and I are very pleased with his visit. We find him less disheartened than the day before. Of course, we talk about how beautiful a movement The Army of Mary is, but mainly about the divisions and the misunderstandings which cause us much grief. I feel prompted to question him about the things of which he is being accused in order to get some enlightenment, and, as he talked I feel inside a lifting of all the mistrust instilled in me and I am glad. It will only be later that I shall apologize to him for having questioned him so much, but I needed to be reassured as I had the photos in mind. So I go home to get them and return to my daughter Jeannine's. I shall show them to him on his next visit, if it is meant to be.

His next visit is not to be awaited long. The next day we are surprised to see his truck turn into our driveway. It is not in his habit to visit us often, especially three days in a row; so there must be something afoot.

On entering he looks very tired. As far as I can recall, I believe he talks about his work at school where there are days when it is very exhausting, etc, but about nothing specific. On my part, I tell him how for some time I have been feeling a kind of emptiness regarding The Army of Mary, my daughter Jeannine saying she has the same feeling. On his part, he tells us something along the same line I cannot recall, about finding Marie-Paule being indeed faced with a "black hole", to use her own expression later.

His visit is not long. He says he will be going up to Quebec in two weeks, for the 8th of October. "I shall come to see you", he says, "as perhaps I shall have some news to tell you." With that he gets up to go, but I stop him.

"John/Albert, you say you are going to Quebec in two weeks? Sit down for a moment, I have something to show you." And I show him the photos (of a Madonna in tears). "See the tears", I tell him. "She does remind us of the Virgin of Syracuse, but not entirely."

"But where did you get this?" he asks. "Since when do you have these?"

"I have had them for about nine months, since January 13, 1983", I tell him.

"And you have not said anything to us about this!"

I then give him an account of what I know and of all the attempts I had made. He cannot get over it. He keeps on looking at them, moved and very happy with what he has just learned, as I am to see him accept the photos so well. So long had I been waiting.

He says to me, "I now understand why I felt so compelled to come here."

I then ask him that when he goes to Quebec on the 8th of October, if he will be willing to take the photos to Marie-Paule and to tell her everything.

"Certainly", he answers, "but I think I shall have to go to Saint John first to verify things."

"It would be the thing to do", I say, "but I did not dare ask you."

The next day, Saturday September 24, 1983, John/Albert writes to the guardian of the weeping statue, Bernard Parks, for a rendezvous the following Saturday. But then comes Thursday the 29th, and still no answer in the mail. John/Albert is worried. "If there is nothing tomorrow, it will be too late to go to Saint John before my trip to Quebec", he says, "for I teach all week. I thus have this weekend only."

I give a call to my nephew Frank in Saint John. He gives me Bernard's number which I give to John/Albert. After a while, John/Albert comes to us quite happy. "I have just spoken with Bernard", he says. "He has received my letter and he will be glad to meet me. He thanks me for the literature on The Army of Mary, etc. and tells me goodbye by adding, ‘She is the One Who wants you to come down!' ".

Nothing more is needed to make us think that there is something other than a statue in tears in Saint John, N.B.

To know what follows, you must refer to the account that John/Albert makes of the presentation of the photos to Marie-Paule once he is at Our Lady of the Cape for a ceremony of The Army of Mary.

Marie DeGrechie

1. Jeanne and Daniel White, the first two animators of the diocesan centre.
2. Fr. Jean-Claude Guillemette.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

October 2, 1983 - I get out of the taxi that has just brought me to the door of the lodging where lives Bernard Parks, Joseph Francis, in Saint John, NB, and, no sooner out, I am surrounded by a fragrance of roses. In vain I look around but there are no flowers and, besides, the season for roses is over. I had made an appointment with Bernard to come and see that day the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, in tears since July 29, 1977 on a nearly daily basis. On going in, my eyes fall on a magnificent statue in a corner of the rather small room. I get close and here I see tears running one after the other from the eyes. Bernard looks rather frail, yet he grants me good many hours of conversation on the phenomenon of the One Who Weeps.

I am at his place at the news that had given me, in September, Marie DeGrechie, the diocesan animator of The Army of Mary at the time, that there was a weeping statue, by showing me some photos. She had given me this news only after nearly nine months of anguish, so to speak, as to whom confide such news. She knew within that I was the one in whom to confide, but because of conflicts aroused towards me in the Marian work in our midst with echoes being heard right up to the Center of the movement in Quebec, she had hesitated, and had only made up her mind after repeated setbacks to find someone - having even gone to Quebec, in July, where she had met but indifference on the part of the two priests of the Marian work she had met, who though had not forbidden her to go and see.

Then in September I feel inwardly pushed to go and see Marie DeGrechie with whom I had kept contact, although distant, and I go to her place three days in a row, without however knowing why, during the dinner hour at noon at the school where I am teaching. On the third day, at the news I give her that I shall soon go to Our Lady of the Cape, to a ceremony of the movement, she now knows she has to confide me the photos of The Weeping Madonna, photos she has in hand since January, in order that I present them to Marie-Paule, the foundress of The Army of Mary.

In the basement of the basilica of Our Lady of the Cape, I right away have the possibility of presenting the photos to Marie-Paule who gives me the instruction to return on site and take note of everything: that which I do the following months. Once the work accomplished, I send it to her, and see further the nice answer she gives me which will contrast certainly with what will be written in Appendix IV of "Life of Love", as also from #5 in a series of 15 booklets published in the movement - the first 3 being rather edifying towards the Weeping Madonna just as "Le Royaume", the official organ of the work, in its April and May ‘84 issues.

What is to understand in this contrast? Except that the serpent in the tree (cf. above) quickly went to work through an entourage which started to stir and impose its views in the publications, mainly at the arrival of a certain lawyer, Richard Dionne (self-styled mystic and autodidact theologian), arrived in the movement in the meantime, as a gust of wind and entrancing many who will come to ask me in turn, "Have you seen his eyes, have you seen his eyes?!", and who will soon leave it, besides, as he came in, i.e. as a whirlwind leaving a trail of havoc (cf. "A Lawyer Against the Advocate", Le Rosier d'Or, 1273, 22e Rue, QC G1J 1T1, Canada).

A rain of ineptitudes will fall not only against the One Who Weeps, her guardian and myself, surnamed "the big brother" attached to the guardian (a role which will attract towards me much wrath by rebound), but also against the spiritual director, Fr. Jean-Paul Bélanger, formerly the director of the Marian work of Quebec; Jean-Yves Simard, the author of the books on the One Who Weeps, after the desistence of Raoul Auclair first designated by Heaven to write the books but who will be caught in the infatuation towards the lawyer he had just introduced to the Marian work; finally, Rolande Picard, close collaborator for the editing and publishing of the books on the One Who Weeps (cf. Les Editions Fatima-Quebec, 3540, Du Long-Sault, #5, Beauport, QC, G1F 1H6, Canada).

Now one must see behind the persons sowing ineptitudes two evil angels arrived on the scene: on the side of the foundress of the Marian work, "the little Michael" (as symbolized by the serpent wound around the trunk of the tree above), and on the side of the guardian of the Madonna in tears, "the blue angel" suddenly on site and whose identity is jealously kept. And the trick is done in order to prevent any collaboration between the two instruments chosen for the establishment of The City of the Immaculate, a collaboration which had however well begun, to wit the good reception of the photos of the Weeping Madonna by Marie-Paule at Our Lady of the Cape, and the sojourn in the movement, from November 27, ‘83, to April 10, ‘84, of the miraculous statue brought by the guardian with the invitation to him (and to me) to come and live at the Center in an apartment freed for that purpose. So a nice beginning of collaboration as do witness Marie-Paule's letter of January 24, ‘84, and the following photos. A collaboration which could have overcome difficulties but for the intrigues of personages on one side and the other. On the side of the guardian, besides "the blue angel", it will be two priests of the MMP, alas it must be said, who do intervene so that he cuts any contact with The Army of Mary. However hard I implore the guardian not to listen, it is in vain. Without any doubt, there is the why the refusal by the guardian to accept the invitation to go and live at the Center where lived his spiritual director.

Now when does everything really capsize? The first signs of a real overturn become apparent toward the end of the stay of the Madonna in the movement at the beginning of April ‘84. The guardian is back in Quebec to pick up the statue. One evening while he is giving a conference in the entrance hall of the Center, here suddenly comes Sr. Geneviève Benoît to Marie-Paule who quickly leaves the place to follow her towards the sisters' apartment upstairs where  presently is the miraculous statue. I shall learn later, but too late! what is going on: they had come to tell Marie-Paule that something abnormal, to the eyes of the nuns, was going on, that the statue was oozing oil instead of shedding tears! This to the sisters is a diabolical sign, Sr. Jeanne d'Arc Demers will eventually reveal to me - the opposite, for the Weeping Madonna also wants her oil, as St. Anne, St. Joseph, St. Charbel, etc. What a privilege for The Army of Mary! and for the world! Alas, this was not understood!

Nothing is said at the time, but only when, in the following month of May, the statue brought again to Quebec, this time by Fr. Jean-Claude Guillemette, appears all disfigured upon taking it out of the packing in which the guardian had placed it. The statue is again back, in view of the pilgrimage* to Rome at the end of the month where it is to be crowned by the Holy Father to signify the Great Action by The Army of Mary which had been foretold. Therefore consternation! and I still hear Fr. Jean-Paul Bélanger yell to me on the phone, "But what have you done to the statue?!" I can hardly believe my ears and I ask for precisions to Fr. Jean-Paul more and more beside himself. What I finally understand is that the statue has rouge and mascara make-up! And this is the drop that makes the glass overflow and comes to confirm to an already affected entourage that all is diabolical.

*How significant will later be the omission of this pilgrimage, that would have proved itself the greatest, in the nomenclature of the pilgrimages of the Army of Mary (cf. the Nov.-Dec. 2001 issue of the paper "Le Royaume" the official organ of the movement), had the Evil One's plans to prevent the crowning by the Holy Father of the One Who Weeps of Canada, to Whom the doors had though been opened wide at the Center in Quebec (cf. the account below of Nov. 27, ‘83 to April 10, ‘84), not succeeded through man's malice. Otherwise it would have been the Great Action of the Army of Mary announced by Heaven to mitigate the unfortunate events which would later fall upon the world and the movement. But although the Evil One knew how to make two strikes with one stone, first prevent the crowning, then prevent the realization of the City of the Immaculate in Lac-Etchemin, QC, whose scale-model conceived by Marc Bosquart was put on display in the foyer at the Center in Quebec City, the victory belongs to the Virgin of Genesis, of the Apocalypse, The Lady of All Peoples.

This the Evil One knows, hence his incredible rage to come verbally to the witness raised by Heaven, John/Albert, one summer day, on August 7, 1989, as also in the middle of the night on the 3rd, before, to a collaborator, Marie DeGrechie, as he sensed that something was afoot. In fact the year 1989 had announced itself heavy with interventions by Heaven at the very beginning and soon would we not see in the heavens, on the following Nov. 17th above our heads, a phenomenon of lights and figures, a sign of coming events to shatter the face of the planet and the sign of the coming of The Asylum City, The New Jerusalem, The New City of the Immaculate, whose fiery enclosure traced on a geographical map by St. Therese of Lisieux during a dream-vision of September 14, 1989, will reflect itself in the heavens in a red circle between the immense figures of the Archangel Uriel, the protector, and the Dove figuring the Holy Ghost (cf. A1, A2, A4, Section V). John/Albert

Who is the author of the misdeed? For the moment a mystery, except that the guardian, whom I call right away, to calmly tell me that the Blessed Virgin has just told him that the statue was to arrive as it had left. I do not know what to say and what ensues is that the statue will not be brought to Rome as agreed despite the good efforts by Br. Rémi Tremblay to take off the make-up and give back the statue its original freshness. The statue I believe could still have been brought to Rome and thus thwart the Evil One and put things back in place, but "the little Michael" was on the lookout with orders and counterorders.

Yes, a mystery as to the author of the misdeed. However there is a strange clue that at the time I fail to resolve. I hear Bernard, the guardian, ask Fr. Jean-Claude a curious question at the same time he hands him the statue, "Is an angel stronger than a priest?" and the instruction is given him not to open the wrapping of the statue at any time, not even at his sister's in Amqui where he has to stop overnight before resuming his trip to Quebec City the following day. Fr. Jean-Claude agrees.

Although I learn afterwards that someone, after the conference held in my hometown in Petit Rocher, had seen Bernard go up to the second floor of the school with the wrapped-up statue ready to go, to supposedly redo the packing, what he could have done downstairs with my help and that of his director, Fr. Jean-Paul who closely looked after everything, a doubt surfaces again when I later learn that in fact Fr. Guillemette will open the packing to at least show the face of the statue, according to what he says.

However all doubt later vanished when the statue is again disfigured at the guardian's very place - so any blame can no longer be put on Fr. Guillemette. And this time more than a simple cleaning will be required to put the statue back in order. The nun in Rimouski given the task to repaint the statue must strip the paint. Despite her well-done work, the statue will never have its original look. The statue looks tired with a lifeless gaze ... I do not feel any "presence" as before. And, before the last and fatal disfiguration, the guardian makes retouches so gradual that one does not pay attention, but on comparing photos we can quickly see a transformation. But who at the time can think of making this comparison, for the statue continues to weep. The last blow, which will require a complete stripping, will be necessary to make us realize what is going on.

The guardian gets disgusted with the statue he consigns to a corner of the chapel of the mother-house of the small community he sets up and he insists on getting two others (which will also weep) with the agreement of his director who does not yet seize the saga, this despite seeing a huge snake on the side of the road, on approaching Saint John, one day on his way to see the guardian - he thinks the reptile has fallen off a circus truck. But his brother, Fr. Grégoire, knows better and warns him. If the huge snake had fallen off a truck the other motorists would also have seen the beast. Heaven is warning on both sides, but nobody is paying attention (cf. photo of the serpent above).

The mother house burns in the meantime, but it is said that the statue, preserved by the waterjets and frozen over by ice, is kept by certain members now with The Little Pebble, of Australia, who says it will be completely restored by Heaven. In the meantime, the guardian continues his task of makeup and no tall statues of the Blessed Virgin is exempt, not even those that his director acquires for him in Fatima following the fire. Two will escape this "beauty salon" work and the flames, one being in Quebec, at Rolande Picard's, the collaborator for the publishing of the books, the other at "the big brother's" who rescues it in the nick of time and who will become its "guardian" - a name that Heaven in fact will give him during a dream-vision (cf. A17, Section V). All the other statues burn in the fire of the mother-house. "The blue angel" is really at work, even pushing the guardian to set the fire, according to what two seers receive, one from the USA, Andrew Wingate, The Trumpeter, the other from Australia, William Kamm, The Little Pebble. The guardian is now living in Quebec City with an acolyte who together are part of the leftist group of Fr. Laurent Gagnon.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

November 12, 1983 - Following Marie-Paule's instruction given in the lower chapel of Our Lady of the Cape, in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Que., on the preceding October the 8th just before a ceremony of the Army of Mary, an instruction to take note of everything concerning The One Who Weeps, at Bernard Parks', Joseph Francis, in Saint John, N.B., my visits to Bernard's are more frequent. Thus I arrive again, that day at 9:00 a.m., and I help Bernard to uncover the statue from a plastic sheet used to protect it from the fumes of his oil stove. It is then we notice that the statue is in tears. Joseph Francis, following an indication, takes three photos in a row with my camera. He takes a last one with me at the side of the weeping statue.

I had just arrived on a windy, rainy, and even quite cold day, and again I had the surprise, like when I first came, in October, to receive a strong scent of roses outside on this rather wintry day. The scent was weaker inside and even dissipated shortly after coming in. I wiped the tears with my scapular which started to give off a scent of roses once back home only, two days afterwards to be correct and not right away.

The photo on the left shows John/Albert beside the statue of The One Who Weeps, at Joseph Francis', in Saint John, N.B. At the foot of the statue can be seen a small leaflet of The Army of Mary founded by Marie-Paule, at Lac-Etchemin, Que., in August, 1971. The photo on the right shows the statue of The One Who Weeps again at Joseph Francis'. At the foot of the statue of Our Lady of All Peoples, given by Marie-Paule, can be seen the miraculous photo of Marie-Paule (cf. A20, Section V).

* * * * * * * * * * * *

From November 27, ‘83 to April 10, ‘84 - The Army of Mary opens its door to The One Who Weeps in Canada - 

In the chapel - at 2040 26th Street, Quebec, at the Center of the movement


In the chapel - 1145 de la Canardière, Quebec, Center of the Immaculate

Photo on the left: from l. to r.: a brother, Bernard & another brother clothed in the mantle of the Sons & Daughters of Mary. Photo on the right: from l. to r.: Bernard, Marie-Paule & Fr. Jean-Paul Bélanger.

At the brothers' house - in Lac-Etchemin

Photo on the left: from l. to r. middle row: Frs. Denis Laprise & Jean-Paul Bélanger, Bernard, Marie-Paule & in layclothes, Raoul Auclair. John/Albert A. is behind Fr. Denis. Photo on the right: in the center: Bernard & Marie-Paule, and on the r. in layclothes Raoul Auclair.

Why this trip to Lac-Etchemin? Marie-Paule wants to show Bernard the site that The City of the Immaculate is to cover, as well as the type of triangular stones that are to be used for the construction of the surrounding wall, and also the land that still has to be bought to complete the area of The City of the Immaculate. And in order to hasten the proprietors to sell, Marie-Paule, sitting in the back seat of the car between me and Bernard, gives him miraculous medals to be cast on the land to be bought. Father Jean-Paul is driving the car with Raoul Auclair at his side.

After the rounds, we go to the brothers' house where a hearty meal is awaiting us.

Photo on the left: at Rolande Picard's, in Charlesbourg, QC, Fr. Jean-Paul Bélanger is putting the statue back in the packing for its return to Saint John, N.B. after its long stay in Quebec, from Nov. 27, ‘83 to April 10 ‘84. Photo on the right: photo of the One Who Weeps taken at Danny's Inn, Beresford, N.B., the morning before the conference at the school in Petit Rocher, 7 km. away, at the beginning of May ‘84, following which it is to be handed over to Fr. Jean-Claude Guillemette to be taken to Quebec for the coming pilgrimage to Rome at the end of the month. This is a photo of the last series taken before its disfigurement. (Cf. A1, Section V, on The Asylum City.)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

January 24, 1984 - I have just completed and sent the jottings asked by Marie-Paule at the time of my visit at Our Lady of the Cape, and here is the answer she today sends me:

Dear John/Albert,

By the same post I am returning the copies. A thousand thanks for a job well-done. Raoul is very pleased with it and so are we. Tonight I tried to phone Bernard, But I did not get any answer.

We are awaiting you in February. We shall then be able to exchange more and benefit from the moments Mary will grant us.

With gratitude,


Explanatory note:

It is on the occasion of a ceremony at Our Lady of the Cape, in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, on October 8, 1983, Quebec, that I present for the first time the photos of the Madonna in tears. There is but little time before the beginning of the morning gathering, in the lower chapel, when I can approach Marie-Paule who has just come in and is getting ready. Fr. Philippe Roy is accompanying her.

I come up and ask Marie-Paule for a few minutes of exchange. She readily agrees despite the little time at her disposal. And surprise! On seeing the photos she right away accepts what she sees and at once call out to Fr. Philippe to approach, "Fr. Philippe, Fr. Philippe, come quickly and see!" Astonished they look at the photos and Marie-Paule turns toward me to instruct me saying, "Yes, go and take note of everything, and send us an account." And Fr. Philippe looks at me beaming with joy and surprise.

I remain as stunned by this so spontaneous a reception, for I could have expected a word of caution rather, for Marie DeGrechie had gone to present the photos at the Center, in Quebec, in the preceding month of July, 1983, and had rather met with indifference.

These persons to whom Marie DeGrechie had shown the photos were therefore not those who were to accept the Virgin in Tears in Heaven's designs. And so things remained as they were up to my showing the photos directly to Marie-Paule the following fall.

Yes, Marie-Paule readily accepts the photos of the Madonna in Tears and in a most spontaneous way. The other attempts had failed for Heaven had wished that it be Marie-Paule who would accept. And thus Marie-Paule to tell me to write everything down and to send her an account. This is what I did and Marie-Paule to tell me in her letter of January 24, ‘84, that she and Raoul were very satisfied, especially that the latter is designated to write the historical account.

So things do start off well, and during an impasse which suddenly confronts later Marie-Paule, she does not hesitate to call out to the guardian of the Weeping Madonna - Sr. Lucille Carrière acting as interpreter - an impasse about a certain book, which Marie-Paule says on the telephone after her attempt to reach the guardian, "would mean the death of The Army of Mary if it is published." The answer given is that the book be burned, which is done in Lac-Etchemin with the consent of the author who assists at the scene with a broken heart. All the copies are burned, except the one that will retain Fr. Lionel Mélançon, a thing that will permit the reprinting of the really inspired book.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

August 29, 1984 - The request for an analysis of the tears of the weeping statue is made by Fr. Jean-Paul Bélanger, the director at the time of The Army of Mary. So everything had been taken seriously.The specimen of the "tears" that Fr. Bélanger passed on to me, in February 1984, was subjected, in my presence, to a scientific analysis by a very qualified laboratory technician.

The result from a KLINA-BECKMAN flame photometer was of 0.005 milliequivalent of Na+ (sodium) without the presence of Cl- (chloride). The result, despite the absence of chloride, is in conformity with those normally obtained (for the sodium) in the controlled analysis of human tears.

Léo Bourget, B.A., D.D.S., F.A.G.D.
ex-military dentist-in-chief

Photo taken during the pilgrimage with The Army of Mary in May '84: from l. to r.: Léo Bourget, Serge Laprise, Albert Arseneau, Mrs. Bourget and Fr. Jean-Paul Bélanger (seen in profile).

* * * * * * * * * * * *

September 8, 1984 - A second account of the analysis of the tears:


Around mid-February 1984, Fr. Jean-Paul Bélanger gave me a small bottle* containing some cotton wool saturated with a liquid we supposed to be human tears.

I entrusted the specimen to a qualified military laboratory technician who had more than 25 years of experience to his credit. After having sought information from an expert in biotechnology, the technician performed the analysis of the specimen in my presence by using a flame photometer of the KLINA-BECKMAN model. The result obtained was of 0.005 milliequivalent of Na+ (sodium) without trace of Cl- (chloride).

This quantity of sodium found in the submitted specimen is in conformity to the quantity of sodium that is normally found in the controlled analysis of human tears.

We can only conclude to the possibility that the liquid be of lacrymal origin.

Léo Bourget, B.A., D.D.S., F.A.G.D.
ex-military dentist-in-chief

* N.B. A few days before I had received this bottle of cotton wool impregnated with tears coming from the eyes of the statue of the Virgin of Fatima and collected by Bernard Parks a few days before at his home, in Saint John, N.B.

Fr. Jean-Paul Bélanger, Quebec

* * * * * * * * * * * *

March 7, 1986 - Fr. Jean-Paul Bélanger, spiritual director of Joseph Francis, guardian of The Weeping Madonna of Canada, on tour in the United States with the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Fatima to gather funds for the publishing of the book written by Jean-Yves Simard, of Quebec City, "The Last Call", visits different strategic places of the country, in the south as well as in the midwest. And it is in Chicago, at Peter Randel's, that he will meet The Little Pebble, who will receive the indication to go to Quebec City to meet Joseph Francis. Thus it is on this occasion, when I shall go to the Quebec City airport to pick him up on a snowy day in March, that I first come to meet The Little Pebble and be given by Heaven, without knowing why right away, to see him not under his true resemblance but in the form of a puppet. On the spot I was astonished without given it importance, for I saw there only a brief impression; nonetheless an impression about which I shall speak to no one, and for which I shall not even ask myself the reason although knowing I would never come to forget.

On the left: Bernard Parks, Joseph Francis, of Saint John, N.B. On the right: William Kamm, The Little Pebble, of Australia, and see above The Little Pebble's head a large white host. The photo was taken by our hostess Rolande Picard of Charlesbourg, a suburb of Quebec City. She indeed can testify to the fact, unusual to say the least.

From the left: Rolande Picard, Albert Cooke, of Australia and traveling companion of The Little Pebble, Bernard Parks, and at the far right, The Little Pebble. This photo as the one above was taken in Rolande's livingroom.

N.B. It seems that above are two opposed aspects in regard to the subject in question, The Little Pebble. First, in the account of my first contact at the airport, there is a sudden flash of a "puppet" to represent the personage, then in the photo that follows, this same personage is seen with a large host above his head - and the camera cannot have an impression. The only plausible explanation:  the personage in question is authentic in regard to his mission, but that the sudden vision of a "puppet" would augur an unwarranted exterior control to make the mission deviate. What kind of struggles will therefore ensue!?

* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 6, 1988 - On the day of the burning of the mother house of the Society of the Pillars and Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in Saint John, NB, the fire starting suddenly hardly had I sat down at the table on arrival for the noon meal with the members, I had to leave my fork planted there in a nice plate of spaghetti and run to the kitchen to get a container of water and from there to the chapel at the sudden cry, "Fire", by Alban Haché coming from the second floor down the main staircase which ended near the doorway to the chapel. Alban had gone up to check his luggage before coming to the table ... we were leaving for Australia the next day.

Why run to the chapel? A thick black smoke was coming out of where I had just passed but a few minutes before, but I could not reach the center of the flames shooting up from behind the altar where was kept oil and candles, for the heat was already intense and I felt, besides, as if a wall had come up to stop me from going too near. And I then heard interiorly, "Quickly, your luggage!"

I nevertheless threw the container of water towards the flames and rushed out to get the luggage left in the hallway behind the chapel on arrival in order to pass through the chapel to salute Our Lady in her miraculous statue of the Weeping Madonna of Canada standing in the front right corner of the chapel, before going to the dining room. Later I shall remember having found it strange not to feel the presence I always felt near the statue. No wonder, as everything would be shortly in flames!

I had difficulty in recuperating my luggage, and in order to get out of the house already engulfed in thick black smoke, I had to crawl on hands and knees dragging behind me the luggage in order to get out, barely succeeding in taking down on passing by my winter coat hanging near the rear door and go join all the others already outside in complete disarray and not comprehending why a fire on the eve of our departure for Nowra, Australia, at the sanctuary of Our Lady of the Ark opened by the seer William Kamm, The Little Pebble.

Once outside I went for enough behind the house to put my bags on a snow bank, and then raised my eyes towards the disaster, and saw Bernard Parks, Joseph Francis, all dressed as if ready for a trip, coming down the stairs to his apartment at the back of the house with, in his arms, a statue of Our Lady of Fatima we had just had sculptured by Alvarez Tedim, a sculptor from Porto, north of Fatima, Portugal.

On seeing Bernard with the statue and all dressed to travel, I was stupefied, and resolutely went to him so he would explain what was going on: ready to leave at the time of a fire! He could but stammer, and to permit him to explain it all, especially a departure which appeared too coincidental and that nobody knew about, in an impromptu gesture I took the statue from his arms to go and place it with my luggage, enjoining him not to budge from the bottom of the stairs, "Stay there!" I said to him, "I am coming back and you are going to tell me why you are leaving at such a time!"

Since he could but mumble on and on to say that Heaven had intervened to stop us from going to Australia, in a resolute gesture, as I did not believe his story, I then pushed him in the back towards the slope down to the street while telling him to leave as quickly as possible with his director, Fr. Jean-Paul Bélanger, whose car I had seen parked below while going to put the statue with my luggage. The latter had arrived the day before, I shall later learn, staying at the Colonial Motel and come to take to Quebec City Bernard and his new companion, Joseph Foster, a former trappist brother who had left his community to come and live at Bernard's. In Quebec City, the two will stay for a while at Rolande Picard's who learned but later that Fr. Bélanger was on the scene during the time of the fire without coming to talk to the people at such a time of trial.

We plunge here in the strange, for the one who had given the alarm of the fire will always persist in saying, without revealing a name, however, that he knew who had started the fire, having seen him, he insisted, while coming down the stairs from the second floor, but in his fright he said he could not speak.

Now even though Alban Haché was perhaps not sure of the identity of the arsonist he had seen dash out of the corridor behind the chapel, on arrival in Australia two days later, two seers, Andrew Wingate, The Trumpeter, of Bridge City, Texas, US, and William Kamm, The Little Pebble, of Nowra, NSW, Australia, certified to me that the one who had set the blaze had been shown to them ... Joseph Francis himself!

To come back to the narrative ... on going back up towards the house after having shown Bernard and his companion to Fr. Bélanger's parked car, I suddenly see the bay window of the chapel fly into pieces under the pressure of the heat and I could then see the crucifix (cf. photo below) installed in the window behind the altar being devoured by the flames, a crucifix also sculptured by Tedim of Portugal mentioned above.

And concerning this crucifix it came to mind that I had to find the photo taken at Alban Haché's, in Robertville, NB, before they moved to Saint John to join the society founded by Joseph Francis, a photo which shows two members occupied in putting together the crucifix, Lucien Godin and Antoine Vienneau, the latter having made the cross. Now what is strange, on looking at the first of the photos below, is to see the number "88" in red figures on a newspaper placed under the cross, at the head of the crucifix. Did Heaven want to augur by that, and this in 1986, what would occur two years later, on this February 6, 1988? Well there is no coincidence with Heaven!

The day after the disaster, in the plane taking us to Australia, I fell asleep, between Montreal and San Francisco, and found myself back in the chapel in flames in a dream-vision at the time of throwing the container of water towards the fire, and I saw why I had had the feeling as if a wall had sprung up in front of me: two tall angels stood facing the fire with their lances crossed with the comprehension that nothing in the world could have put out the fire that Heaven permitted to erase a profanation by the seer, Joseph Francis, under the pressure exerted on the "messenger", by the Evil One disguised as a blue angel as it will be revealed, on covering the statue of The One Who Weeps with heavy makeup (cf. narrative of October 2, 1983), as well as his nonconformity to Heaven's choice of the site of the mother house, there where had begun the weeping of the Virgin, on Sandy Point Road, Saint John, NB, on July 29, 1977.

Afterwards my gaze went beyond the two angels on guard, towards an horizon all luminous which signified a new beginning. Then someone passed by in the aisle to bump against me while I was still asleep at the very edge of the row of seats ... I woke up.

During the trip in Australia after the fire, Our Lord appeared to The Little Pebble, while I was coming back alone with him in the bus used to take some pilgrims to the Sydney airport. All of a sudden The Little Pebble stopped the vehicle on the side of the road to tell me, "John/Albert, the Lord is here and He has a message for you. He says to tell you that you have the choice of remaining home, in Petit Rocher, NB, or join those remaining of the society founded by Joseph Francis who are regrouping to form the new Community of Bethlehem, in Salisbury, NB. He is now awaiting an answer."

It goes without saying that I was surprised. I thought I would have some time to think, but no, I had to give an answer on the spot ... but whatever I answered would be acceptable to the Lord. I took a few minutes of pause nevertheless, and suddenly I knew what I had to do: stay at home. Then I told The Little Pebble to inform the others and say that those who would want to move back could do so without prejudice ... I feared a reaction. In fact this was not well received by those of Saint John who saw here a wile on my part to divide the new Community of Bethlehem of Saint John and Salisbury, NB ... with the result that all the photos and statues that had wept and had been saved from the fire, and were to come back to me by order of Heaven, having been the "big brother" of Joseph Francis, were never handed over to me ... despite a recall to The Little Pebble to have this instruction respected after the dissolution of the society founded by Joseph Francis, and the foundation of the Community of Bethlehem, with Francis Desousa of Saint John as the director. Thus this new community was dooming itself to a bad start, as also to an eventual dissolution ... which indeed occurred! In retrospect, I had become the testing board for the durability of the new community, but little of this I realized at the time, although I had sensed something afoot when I had insisted that The Little Pebble made the others well understand that it was Our Lord who had given the message.

Seen from behind: on the l., Lucien; on the r.,Antoine who will express his sorrowful feeling of recrucifying Jesus.
The figure "88 " is quite visible at the head of the cross.

On the left: the statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel that also perished in the fire, a donation by other members of the Society of the Pillars and Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, of Saint John, NB, four sisters of the Godin family, Sr. Berthe, Clarisse, Beatrice and Cécile and from a sister-in-law, Florence; on the right: donation of two brothers of the same family, Hector and Lucien. The statue and the crucifix wept March 15, 1987.

House where lived Joseph Francis on Sandy Point Road, in Saint John, NB, the site where started weeping The One Who Weeps of Canada, whose statue saved miraculously from the disaster remains unavailable to this day: taken by someone from the site of the fire where it had been preserved under a thick coat of ice, it was given by Gail Stephen to her brother-priest who is thought to keep it at his cottage near Fredericton, NB ... Heaven has however made known to The Little Pebble that one day it would come back to John/Albert who had paid the balance of the cost to The Blue Army of New Jersey, US.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

August 1, 1988 - A letter is sent to The Little Pebble to help organize The Bethlehem Community in Salisbury, New Brunswick, Canada, after the demise of the Society of The Pillars and Servants of the Immaculate with the burning of the Mother House in Saint John, N.B., a society founded by Bernard Parks, Joseph Francis, who then broke unity with William Kamm, The Little Pebble, as he had done in 1984 with Marie-Paule Giguère of The Army Of Mary in Quebec:

Dear Little Pebble,

Below are two sketches: sketch "A" indicating what I had been shown in a dream-vision, i.e. where I was standing in relation to where Our Lady, as a very tall transparent blue statue, had stood with , at her feet, the buildings oriented as shown; sketch "B" showing the orientation Francis Desousa thought the buildings, the Mother House and the "arrow-shaped" front end, should have.

I went to see Francis about this, but I am afraid the matter became a very ticklish subject indeed, for I had to leave before arousing acrimony. I therefore think you must intervene.

I put in the ground a small statuette of Our Lady in the image I had seen Her, as suggested by Thérèse Mallette, Spring Flower, of Montreal, when I spoke to her about this in L'Avenir, Quebec. Thérèse had said Our Lady was standing beside her at the time I was speaking with her, and she told me then to bury a statuette of Our Lady at the exact spot I had seen Her, as soon as possible, which was done, with Theresa and Raymond Jones of Saint John present to give me a hand.

In the dream-vision, Our Lady had spoken but two lines as I have already related to you, "What I have put together must stay together", and here I understood that the drawings of the Mother House, as submitted to you, should not have been tampered with, i.e. not to detach the cross-shaped building from the arrow-shaped building, as Francis had once contemplated. After a pause, Our Lady had said in a very stern voice, "Does he think that these plans are his!"

What I saw and heard confirmed what I had understood from the explanation given by Vern Sipos, Little Soul, of Cleveland, Ohio, regarding what Our Lady wanted. Vern had explained that people, coming down the hill on Little River Road passing in front of the farm, would first see the cross-shaped building and would thus know that this was no ordinary place and would then proceed to seek the entrance. These souls, as she explained, would be seeking solace and perhaps refuge. So, as they would come down the hill, they would come into view of the arrow-shaped building, where there should be a reception room with adjoining rooms to receive these people and perhaps to also give them lodging for a night or so.

I found I could not dig deep on account of the rocky ground on that upper part of the land in order to place the statuette. The lower parts of the terrain seemed to have better soil to till a garden though.

Could you then ask Heaven for a confirmation in order to be sure what Our Lady wishes, as She seems to indicate through Vern and my dream-vision, that the buildings be laid out a certain way. Francis is doing his best, but he might think I want to run things if he is not given specific instructions. He is a generous man, but does not seem to be able to overcome the blockage implanted in his mind against me in Australia by Fr. Blais who was ousted out of the society founded by Joseph Francis and my role is not yet clear to him and to many others as well, thus at this stage I can really be thankful for Our Lord's intervention in Australia which gave me the option of remaining in my home in Petit Rocher, N.B. and the option to others as well to go back to their former place in my area. I must here thank you for the circular you sent to that effect, and many will be moving back, but alas, some never received the letter, while others, although present for your announcement of the Lord's choice, act as if it was never made, and so blame me for enticing families away.

In any case, Francis should bear in mind that so soon after the fire and the dissolving of the society they were in, in Saint John, people are wary and need assurance that they can own their family home. Staying in a Mother House is not something they want to experience again. They feel a mother house is for religious mainly or for temporary lodging for a family whose means to build is non-existent. Many are fearful and are crying, asking what will become of them.

So could you ask Our Lady the exact orientation of the buildings, and also whether family homes can be built at the same time as the Mother House. This is for Francis who has to look after the purchasing and construction.

See, below the sketches, a picture taken by Maurice DeGrechie at L'Avenir, the very day that Thérèse Mallette, Andrew Wingate, The Trumpeter, of Texas, and Daniel Lavoie, Little Angel, of Lac-St-Jean, QC, felt and saw the presence of the Evil One at the very site where a cross was erected. The figure of the Evil One is discernible in the dark clouds, spewing black vapors towards the cross.

In the evening of that day I had a run in with Fr. Blais at departure time who lunged at me in the form of a panther yelling, "I will get you yet!" I bolted, and, from there on, no normal relation could be possible with that priest, and I knew he would cause you, Little Pebble, immense trouble. I had already told you on the phone, the day you called me to tell me he was picking you up in Montreal at the airport, "You will rue the day you associated with him."

Fr. Blais has a highly developed sense of territory and he can exercise this instinct fiercely, not tolerating anyone whose role he cannot fully grasp. No wonder then Heaven showed him to me as a black panther when he lunged at me. He had never understood my role with Joseph Francis, a role he told me, one day, he would have to redefine. But Our Lady stepped in to remove him as a pillar of the society. So I felt indeed sad for you, William, when you told me you were entering in association with him, but who was I to dissuade you.

God bless,


P.S. Peter Randel, of Calumet City, Illinois, was also in L'Avenir and was caught in the confusion, although he was called to collaborate.

N.B. Two plans by Heaven for the establishment of community-refuges, The City of the Immaculate in Lac-Etchemin, Quebec, by Marie-Paule, and The Society of the Pillars and Servants of the Immaculate in Saint John, N.B., by Joseph Francis, are hardly toppled over that the Evil One is close to success in the failure of another plan, The Bethlehem Community, not even off the ground!

The signs of failure are there, with again Satan's favorite instruments: priests, we alas must say.

In Marie-Paule's case one in particular, Msgr. Jean-Pierre Van Lierde of Rome, guided her to keep around the false mentor "little Michael" although she sensed he was an evil angel (cf. Life of Love Inc. 1273, 22e Rue, Québec, QC G1J 1T1, Canada).

In Joseph Francis' case, two priests of the MMP convinced him to separate, first from Marie-Paule with whom he was to co-operate for the establishment of The City of the Immaculate, and later from The Little Pebble to establish The Bethlehem Community.

Here also the devil intervened through Fr. Blais to sow dissension between Francis Desousa and me. But Heaven, seeing I was caught again in between, offered me an escape route, by allowing me to stay home with another plan, as it will become soon evident in a very short while after the return of the families to our region in the northern part of what was Acadia before the deportation of a people dedicated to Our Lady, a genocide attempt in fact endorsed by King George V of England, in 1755, history tells us (cf. map of the area shown at the beginning of the present booklet). As mentioned I am a descendant of the Acadians who were nearly all wiped out ... but for the native people who came to the rescue by giving asylum in a place which will become the Place of All Places, as the title of this booklet suggests.

Sketch"A"        Sketch"B"
The "x" marks the view of the vale from this spot on the hill, on Little River Road.  The star indicates the spot where I saw Our Lady stand in her transparent blue statue.  The round dot indicates from where I saw Our Lady in the dream-vision.  The index points out the different buildings, houses and barn, existing on the farm. Sketch "B" of the farm shows the "new" orientation of the mother house proposed contrary to that given by Our Lady in sketch "A".

Satan's figure spewing black smoke at the cross being erected at L'Avenir, QC, at a gathering in 1988

* * * * * * * * * * * *

August, 1988 - Early in the afternoon on a Sunday, at the church of Alcida, a neighbor parish of ours of Petit Rocher, N.B., I make a short visit to the Blessed Sacrament, and suddenly I hear interiorly a voice which says, "Ask for the gift of fortitude." I was going over in my mind all the events surrounding the end of The Society of the Pillars and Servants of the Immaculate Heart founded by Joseph Francis that would bring about the impending return of many families of our area who had moved to Saint John in the southern part of the province.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

September, 1988 - In a dream-vision one night I see Christ on the Cross. I am elevated behind the Cross made of round wood still green according to the bark. The crossbeam of the Cross is not firmly attached to the post and Christ has to sustain the full weight of the beam which bears heavily against his crown of thorns. I see Him trying in vain to lift up the beam, but without succeeding. And I then hear Him say, "You cannot bear my Cross." And interiorly He continues, "Carry the one which I gave you."

Upon awakening I say to myself that perhaps someday I shall have the full meaning of what I had just heard.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

January 4, 1989 - In a dream-vision, I see myself on a high mountain, quite high, for I can see below an illuminated city as we can see from high on a plane. On this jagged mountain I see people coming and going without looking where they set foot and holding in one hand an old used red brick as we can sometime find at the seaside. They are looking where to place the brick but, not knowing where to put it, they come to a priest* standing in the middle of this mountain with a construction plan in hand. He answers impatiently these poor people who leave with a haggard gaze and continue to look upwards instead of on the ground where to place the brick. And they go around in circles. And the priest keeps telling those who come to him to place the brick finally anywhere, pointing even towards a narrow ledge of the rock.

Looking at this scene of confusion, above which float big dark clouds, I grab by the arm a passerby and ask him what is going on, and the person answers that they are working for The Little Pebble, saying, "See what we have built." I answer, "But this is a mountain! You did not build this." And the person to retort before leaving, "Sit there on that cement bench. Someone will come to explain everything." But nobody comes, and noticing the intense darkening of the sky, I lift the flap of the grey robe I am wearing and I jump off what will come to mind later to call, "The Tower of Babel", not understanding though the meaning of the dream, other than something is afoot concerning The Little Pebble whom I know well.
*Fr. M. Broussard, a close associate of The Little Pebble.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

January 13, 1989 - During the meeting of our House of St. Charbel, a strong fragrance of roses surrounds me.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

January 21, 1989 - On my way to Alban Haché around 3 p.m. I suddenly see Saint Joseph right in the brilliant sun in front of me at which I can look without hurt. As I am at the wheel of my small truck, I stop to have a better look of the apparition. Saint Joseph has light brown reddish hair and wears a green tunic with a vee-neckline embroidered in gold. I can only see Saint Joseph's bust. I then hear in my mind that I had to look at him closely in order to retain the details I can see of his tunic. I understand that he has come to show me the tunic that would wear the members of a future community of Saint Joseph.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

January 24, 1989 - I have a strong sensation during the day of having to climb a mountain, which brings me to wonder what difficulties lie ahead, for I am often thus warned of things to come or about to transpire somewhere of which I have no echoes as yet.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 23, 1989 - As I am about to fall asleep for the night, I give a last glance at my watch which indicates 11:00 p.m. and lo at that very moment I find myself in bi-location, in Saint John, NB, in the livingroom at Francis Desousa's*, member of the Society of the Pillars and Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary founded by Bernard Parks, Joseph Francis, of Saint John, guardian of the statue of the Weeping Madonna of Canada (cf. A1, Section V, and narratives about the statue in Sections VII & VIII), where is assembled a group of people for the visit of William Kamm, The Little Pebble of Australia (cf. narrative of February 10, 1992).

I see myself as suspended in mid air while witnessing the scene. All is plunged in semi-darkness* and as if frozen in time, while the voice of the Eternal Father Who had brought me descends in an intense white cone of light traversing the thick layer of clouds replacing the ceiling and ending on the yellow carpeted floor of the room (cf. A10, Section V).

And the Eternal Father to express his profound desolation till about 4:00 a.m. the next morning when I again find myself in my bed to fall asleep at once after a glance at my watch after I had expressed my great fatigue while promising to remember everything.

But the next morning all the words have flown away for, humanly speaking, I could not retain such a long soliloquy during which the Eternal Father expressed nonstop his immense desolation. He however gives me the last sentence, after a plea during my rosary which I recite in grief over the fact I had not been able to retain anything, "So I shall found my Community of Saint Joseph"; also the comprehension that Fr. Gebicki of The Little Pebble's community together with Domanski of Poland, both traveling companions to The Little Pebble, would separate from him once in Toronto. This helped me to comprehend the Father's desolation over "his own children", mainly those He had prepared.

* Francis Desousa, the one who had provided the money for the purchase of the mother house which went up in flames on February 6, 1988 (cf. Section VIII) and who also later bought the farm in Salisbury, NB, for the establishment of a new community to replace the one founded by Joseph Francis who turned away from The Little Pebble and went to live in Quebec City (cf. narrative of February 6, 1988, Section VIII), was shown to me surrounded in intense blackness in the semi-darkness just as The Little Pebble. When I shall later hear that Francis would also leave The Little Pebble to join the schismatic community of St. Pius X, founded by Msgr. Marcel Lebfevre, I shall think back about the intense blackness which surrounded him on this February 23, 1989.

As to the blackness surrounding The Little Pebble, this augured his illicit alliance with Bettina of Munich, just as David would take Bethshabee, despite his mission, which was about to take place without my hearing about it. Consequently I shall ask myself for a long time what could have occurred so I would see him in such blackness.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

August (?), 1989 - That day upon entering my parochial church for the evening Mass, I hear interiorly a voice saying not to go up front but to stay in the back on the sides and to attend Mass with my eyes closed. And suddenly I am surrounded with strong fragrances of wild flowers, having the strong impression of the Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha's presence.

When the time for communion came I had to keep my eyes half-closed, touching the pews to guide myself, and thus I arrived in front of the priest, the last in the file. I only opened my eyes once in front of the priest whom I saw take a host from the side of the ciborium in order to put it on my tongue.

And lo at the moment of taking a host, another one rises by itself on the other side of the ciborium and fall on the floor. As a reflex, the priest with ciborium in hand and the host in the other, bent down to pick the host, but he stopped, and so to help him I extended my left hand so he would deposit the host he had in his hand, and while stopping to put the host in my hand he then saw what happened suddenly: the host to cover itself with a spot of blood. He stopped for a while, then picked the host which had fallen to return to the altar.

As for me I remained there as if planted and flabbergasted with a host in my hand covered with a spot of blood. Slowly I lifted my hand to my mouth and took the blood-stained host with my tongue. Right away my mouth filled with blood! which had the taste of roses. Slowly I returned to my pew greatly moved. Slowly a comprehension came to mind that Heaven had permitted this for the benefit of the priest in order to prove to him the real Presence. And I then understood why it had been asked of me to attend Mass with my eyes closed, for something somewhat out of the ordinary was about to occur. A scene that I shall never be ready to forget, and I thought about the miracle of Lanciano, in Italy, where I had gone for my first pilgrimage in 1976.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

August 15, 1989 - As I was passing in front of the parochial church at the wheel of my little truck, suddenly I had the interior vision, while looking toward the church, of an intense flaming arrow come like lightning to separate the building from its foundation and topple it backward to make me see the interior where I saw misshapened heaps in putrefaction and moldy, and to hear at the same time a voice which said, "See the present state of my Church."

And I understood that the voice was that of Our Lord full of wrath Who was alluding to the state of the parochial church, where for a number of years the basement was used as a bingo hall and where the church itself is very often the scene of parades of all kinds and scenic dances during Marian feasts, and as much to the state of the Church in general, which is, according many messages, in a state of general apostasy where are scorned the exhortations by the Holy Father in matters regarding the sacredness of the Mass, the administration of the sacraments to the young, etc, a state which continues to increase under the influence of the Charismatic Renewal, Pentecostalism, etc, and the rising tide of the number of shacked-up people whose state is not denounced anymore and to whom is given general absolution without confession.

At the sudden sight of this track of fire in arrow shape passing in front of my truck I nearly lost control!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

September 14 to 15, 1989 - While in the hospital following an angina pectoris, Saint Thérèse of Lisieux came to me in a dream-vision.

I saw myself sitting at a table with in front of me a geographical map of our area and Saint Thérèse of Lisieux to come and point at the map over my right shoulder, and trace with her index, without touching the map, a fire-red circle, and to tell me before leaving, "I shall return to tell you more." I was only able to see the brown sleeve of her habit and her right hand.

Up till now she has not yet returned to talk to me again, although I shall see her again at the foot of the Birch Tree, in the very center of the circle she came to trace, to deposit some roses, this during the apparitions which came about at that site from August 27, 1992 to September 30, 1997.

It is only afterwards that I became aware that the line she traced (cf. A1, Section V) formed a circle to cover a part of the sea and which encircled all the sites where the statue of The Weeping Madonna of Canada of Joseph Francis, had visited during his stay in our area, as also the places where Joseph Francis had said he had come in bilocation, either with Our Lady or with Our Lord, at different occasions.

I also noted that the sites, indicated on the map by 9 small pyramids - were for the most part the homes of the families who had moved to Saint John, NB, at a given time later, but who had later come back to eventually form the nucleus of the Community of Saint Joseph, whose foundation had been decreed by The Eternal Father during the night of February 23 to 24, 1989.

The arrowed line on the map below indicates the site where stands my home, close to the water of the Baie of Chaleur, so named by the French explorer Jacques Cartier during his first voyage of discovery in North America.

I saw during the dream-vision that all the area outside the circle was carbonized (cf. A5, A6, A12, Section V) while the inside remained green. I also understood that many people would come find a refuge in the circle ... all this to happen during the reign of the Antichrist.

On the map (A9, Section V), the traced circle is within the rectangle which frames the Gaspesian peninsula that forms the profile of the Blessed Virgin. The arrowed line indicates The Asylum City which nestles in the hands of The Madonna.

See above the explanation of the circle and the small pyramids traced within.
The arrow points to where my house is, on a piece of land where the first Mass was said in the area, in my great, great, great, great grandfather's house, around 1760! The Mass was celebrated by the Bishop of Quebec. My ancestor's name was Joseph.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

November 17, 1989 - Here is the description of the phenomenon seen in our skies of Petit Rocher, NB, Canada, situated on the east coast just south of the Gaspé peninsula. (Cf. A2, A4, Section V.)

This occurred around 8 P.M. and Jeannine DeGrechie, a member of our little Community of Saint Joseph*, living in the neighborhood, telephoned me to quickly go outside and see "the strange lights." Which I did when these lights were beginning to take form. She had just been alerted by her son Luc who had called so they would come to get him at the arena where he gone to skate. And while waiting outside with two other boys, he saw the phenomenon starting to form with already on the scene the "bird" he said, in the form of a dove.

The moment the call came I ran out and saw the whole scene beginning to take form. Never had I seen such a panorama of lights in all the azimuths of the horizon right up to the fine point of the zenith, leaving there a free space where shone the stars.

The lights were not of those associated with northern lights. They were fixed, with four main rays rising out of the four points of the horizon, with a multitude of others all around the horizon pointing upwards. They were there in all lengths, equally spaced and pointed.

The northeast ray was the most spectacular with its bloodred color!

The one in the northwest was equally breathtaking with its double color of blue and green of equal proportion. The two others, in the southeast and southwest were each of a brilliant white fleece. And all the rays ended in a sharp point towards the zenith. I immediately had the impression that it was necessary to look upwards, all the way up, to see what was about to occur in the space left empty. And it happened!

First, a red spot formed itself covering nearly all the space left free at the center of the heavens, of the same red as that of the red ray in the northeast with which it seemed to weld to give the impression of a planetoid with a tail crossing the sky.

I quickly lowered my eyes towards the point of the horizon where it was heading. And there suddenly along the horizon in the direction of the east coast of the US, a red ribbon unfolded as a screen of fire! And I understood that over there would be the point of impact.

Upon raising my eyes upwards, the red ball transformed itself in a perfect circle, leaving stars shining in the middle. This ball, I shall later be told, turned from red, to green, to blue and to white - making the young boys say later that "the bird" had a bread in its beak - and back again to red, phases of transformations that I missed as I then had dashed back into the house to put on my winter boots for my feet were getting frozen on the cold ground and I only had slippers on.

Back outside and looking again upwards, the red circle had to its right a dove. On the other side the figure of a huge angel appeared with its wings pointing upwards in its back, and then it seemed as if all of Heaven would open through this ring, as through a portal, for a myriad of angels started to pour out. I could not refrain a cry of emotion, saying, "Oh my God! The Heavens are opening!"

Then gradually everything started to fade away leaving only, and late during the night, I shall be told, but the blue and green ray in the northwest.

During the scene I had lowered my eyes towards people who were passing on the road in front of the house, for I had heard them mention that there seemed there were many lights about, but strange to say, no one thought of lifting their head to see above quite a panorama. They would have seen nothing!
*Whose existence was decreed by The Eternal Father while in bilocation during the night of February 23rd, to 24th previously. (Cf. A10, Section V)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 13, 1990 - Visit at the Institute of Cardiology in Halifax, NS, to know more on the state of my heart following the angina pectoris of September 1989. I had just received from Kasimierz Domanski of Olawa, Poland, a miraculous image of Our Lady of Olawa (cf. below) and thought to ask a cure the while doing the necessary on the human plane.

As soon as I arrived in the evening at the clinic, I underwent the test of the rolling walkway which threw the needles in full zigzag as during an earthquake! And the diagnostic of the team of cardiologists was formal, there had to be great damage to the heart and so I was scheduled for an internal examen for the morning.

Now during the night I beseeched Our Lady to intervene and right away I felt a deep heat invade my chest and I fell asleep.

The next morning a probe was introduced and all of a sudden I found strange the silence that fell in the room and the gathering of doctors around a monitor which showed a heart beat normally. Then they busied themselves in taking out the probe in haste and someone to tell me that I was being sent back to my room and to wait until evening when someone would come to see me. So I waited all day not moving in order not to disturb the dressing placed to cover the opening made in the artery.

The evening arrived, and a Dr. Lacombe came and sat down saying non-stop that they did not understand. Understand what? The diagnostic of the night before had well indicated damage in the cardiac tissue, and now there is nothing!

I understood, and I asked that they make a report. I was answered that they could not do that, that I just had to simply return home.

I had worn on me this image for 21 days.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 14, 1990 - A dream-vision by Jeannine DeGrechie: "I was in a room near the sea covered with ice  and snow. I was sitting in my bed looking out the window, when all of a sudden there was a bright flash in the sky quickly replaced by a group of three ovals rimmed in red. This then disappeared to give place to a beautiful maple leaf rimmed in green. Then all this disappeared and on waking up there remained in my mind the number ‘five' representing the five continents."*

* I had just been given the design of the three hearts to form the crest of the Community of St. Joseph of The Asylum City, but had not enclosed the hearts in a rim, nor had I yet included the maple leaf in the garland of lily flowers surrounding the heart of St. Joseph. John/Albert.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

March 18, 1990 - A message of the Blessed Virgin through Sr. Guadalupe of Guatemala:

Beloved son, I bless you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost. Dear son, the Blessed Virgin Mary the Mother of God speaks to you, I am speaking to you because the Eternal Father and my Divine Son Jesus Christ have asked Me to guide you in these moments in which They see you very preoccupied and worried about your community.

As the loving Mother that I am, today I will talk to your heart, so incline your ear so that you can hear my voice which says:

Beloved son, you should not be afraid or be afflicted because I, the Virgin Mary, will guide you concerning your community so that you will not be sad or confused.

Dear son, I and also my Divine Son Jesus are coming to earth to warn my children of a great evil that is now present on earth and that soon will be manifested with all its severity, and because of this my messages are urgent, urgent, and in them I ask that mankind convert, do penance, that they leave evil, leave sin and that they take refuge in my protective Divine Mantle while there is still time.

Dear son, now is the time when the call I made at La Salette will be fulfilled, that urgent call to the true disciples of the living God. I call the true imitators of Christ. I call my sons, my true sons, my true devotees, those who have consecrated themselves to Me, to my Immaculate Heart so that I can conduct them to my Divine Son and I will carry all of them in my arms.

I also call the apostles of the Last Times, those who are scorned by the world and that live in poverty, humbly, despised, in prayer, in mortification, in suffering and are unknown to the world.

I am calling all of them now, dear son. To them I say, come out now, sons, and illuminate the world and show yourselves as my true sons, as the true sons of the Living God, my Divine Son Jesus Christ.

Dear son, I talk to you because you are one of my apostles, John. I myself gave you your name, and I want you to remain with it until I come for you.

Dear Son, it was for this reason that I told you, in a previous message, that you are to direct the Community of Saint Joseph because I chose you for this mission, because you are an apostle of the Last Times and you will help Me very much if you remain humble and obedient to my voice.

I will guide you concerning how you should direct the community that is so greatly desired by the Eternal Father and for this reason, dear son, the Community of Saint Joseph began in your house, because my beloved husband, Saint Joseph, my Divine Son Jesus Christ, and I, will be with you.

Look son, I will explain this to you so that you will not fear. Your house will be the main house of an asylumed city where everyone will be able to implore the Mercy of my Divine Son Jesus Christ and mine.

Dear son, I want you to understand that a great evil is coming to the earth but those cities that are under the protection of my mantle will endure, and with you I will make a small city of refuge which will begin with your house and will include all of those that are inside of the semicircle which Saint Theresa pointed out to you, and this is why you must direct this community just like my beloved little girl, Sister Guadalupe, will do in Guatemala.

Look dear son, now that you understand the reason why you must direct the community, I will  give you a gift for your guidance so you can guide the others ...

* * * * * * * * * * * *

September 13, 1990 - Direct message received during a dream-vision:

"You are John, guardian of the Virgin Mary." (Cf. A17 of Section V on The Asylum City)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

October 4, 1990 - A message given to Thérèse Mallette, Spring Flower, of Montreal and more recently of Quebec City:

"Whoever will possess this image and will often look at it, with thoughts of consolation toward Me, will receive abundant blessings. I shall pour abundant joys in their heart. Upon looking at this image say often:


"Often look at it with love. I bless you."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 3, 1991 - An unusual vision occurs during my sleep to show me a scene at the same time explanatory and prophetic, as I understand it. I suddenly see Marie-Paule Giguère, the foundress of The Army of Mary, in a magnificent ivory moiré dress1 (cf. photo below), come behind two personages in black to reopen the doors that these figures close along a corridor. She resolutely goes from one side to the other of the hallway to reopen the doors without the aggressive personages paying attention, preoccupied as they are with their task. I suspect the personages to be clerics, of great influence if I can judge by their size.

And then the scene changes and I see Jeanne and Daniel White2, not comprehending anything and very annoyed, come to tell me that Marie-Paule is about to come and see me.3
1. A dress that Heaven showed Marie-Paule in the ‘70's and which she had the unforeseeable opportunity to buy in Jerusalem during a pilgrimage some time later.
2. The two animators mentioned in my autobiographical account in Section VII.
3. About the same period of time, barring a few weeks, or even days perhaps, it happens that Jeannine DeGrechie, now a member of our Community of St. Joseph who had been cured by Marie-Paule during a pilgrimage to Rivière-du-Loup in the ‘80's, see in dream-visions Marie-Paule make two visits which she can still describe in details. Without the exact time of the visits given, she knows that it will not be in winter. And two big pieces of horseradish lying in the driveway symbolize the many difficulties tied, it seems, with the two clerics of the dream-vision and to be overcome before the visits which can take place once Marie-Paule fully recovers her authority of the "servant" symbolized by the royal moiré dress. When? In Heaven's time without doubt, but not before many events occur.

Marie-Paule in the ivory moiré dress seen in the dream-vision related above, except that in the dream-vision she had white hair, thus was older. The moiré dress is the royal dress of the "servant" of Our Lady of All Peoples.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

May 19, 1991, Whitsunday - To The Little Pebble ...

Dear Little Pebble,

With the events now taking place in your life, the various inner visions I have had of you at different intervals, during and since 1989 mostly, take on a depth I never suspected at the time of their occurrence. These were WARNINGS of a magnitude, of which I was given a glimpse on November 28, 1989, in an inner vision which plunged me in deep puzzlement and dread, and which I have kept quiet till recently when I last spoke with The White Unicorn and Fr. Gabriel de Montfort of Holland, for I could not ever imagine what could have occurred or would occur to make this vision the DREADFUL WARNING it was, I now realize, and perhaps the last! of the many I have passed on to you, as you well remember I am sure, as far back as February, 1988, in Australia, regarding certain people who could harm your mission in a manner symbolized by the particular inner visions I was given of these persons suddenly transformed in disguises auguring the various evils they represented.

You reassured me when I last saw you, in Saint John, in January, 1991, that these visions about souls were not the product of an over-active imagination, as I could fear, but were part of the discernment that God wished me to have for my protection and that of others.

With this assurance I then come to relate what took place around 3:00 p.m., on November 28, 1989, in reference to yourself. I suddenly saw in an inner vision a tiny figure plunging into the abyss, with arms and legs stretched out and plunging head first into a huge opening spewing fire and soot. It seemed far away. Yet the understanding came that this tiny blackened figure thus plunging was YOU! I was horrified and immediately endeavored to blot this out of my mind. But the vision remains as vivid today as when it took place. And now, alas, I have to connect to this dreadful vision the events which are presently afflicting your life, and of which I have just learned with dismay, to give it its real meaning of being a WARNING. A year before the tragedy started!!

The vision did not make sense then, but now that I have learned what you are succumbing to, I can only hope and pray that it ever remains at the level of a WARNING, never to be fulfilled. So you must retreat from the position you have been placed into, a position which threatens the fate of other souls, a position you were lulled into by voices of sirens, one of which you even want to tie your life to. What song from hell made you believe this fantasy? And to say that some seers and priests are also lulled by the hellish voices whispering, "It is a mystery", to better instill pride. But woe! if pride does get in and not just a fanciful passion!

And to say that this is happening at the very threshold of your real mission, from which you are now turning away for a dreadful mirage! Remember what Ann Catherine Emmerich said, that your true friends would only come at the very last moment, almost too late, meaning that those around you presently whispering death into your ears cannot be your friends!

Oh, can I ever understand now the terrible anguish and weight I felt you were carrying when I saw you last January, in Saint John. And was it not a plea you desperately made, just as you were leaving and came to me to whisper, "My dear, dear brother!"? It tore my heart out, but then you were already embarked on the adventure. But you can turn back! But oh! ... only after The Warning now!


* * * * * * * * * * * *

July 4, 1991 - Subject: vision ...

Dear Little Pebble,

Because of the responsibility of a normal Christian and bound to you by the Almighty God, I herewith send you a message, received from Heaven.

During the Holy Mass there came a voice into me, after I prayed for the people around The Little Pebble, who support his unfaithfulness (adultery).

The voice said: "They will fare like the Jews, because they are rigid."

Then I asked, "Also The Little Pebble?"

The voice answered, "No not him, but they who are rigid."

Later I saw religious Sisters in black working and sometimes a man came by. Then it was said to me, "Some of them regret they were born." This was about souls in Hell.

Then everything vanished again.

Your friend and Brother in Christ,

The White Unicorn
Rijksweg 2, 7985 NS GEEUWENBRUG,
The Netherlands
Tel/Fax: 0031 52192031

* * * * * * * * * * * *

July 26, 1991 - A copy of the following was sent to Bishop Wilson, Wollongong, NSW, Australia, The Little Pebble's bishop ...

Dear Nancy,

I well understand your letter of the 15th, and I am not surprised at the way things turned. The following may help you understand God's designs behind all these events: the time for a new orientation for you has come, without haste, however, and following what Heaven will put in your heart. But time is getting short.

God's designs are inscrutable, and He does not give way to defeat, for He sees all in his Eternal Present: one plan fails that He raises another one greater still. Already there were other plans hidden behind what was permitted to happen in the ‘80's and has been since, as far as refuges are concerned. Other plans were already outlined in the words of the Blessed Virgin to Veronica Lueken, at Bayside in 1974: "There will be established in your country a refuge, a sanctuary": also, in May, 1991, Therese Mallette, "Spring Flower", of Quebec, receives a message from the Blessed Virgin about a place of refuge being "... a blessing from the Triune God for his children who will be gathered in that place ..." And such a plan in our part of the country was shown to me in a dream in 1989, The Asylum City, to replace The City of the Immaculate Heart of Mary which could not come about in Quebec. And we are now learning of the establishment of home-refuges. As Our Lord said to the Shepherdess of La Salette, "Everywhere shall I manage to shield my own from the upheaval." Many will be taken, but only according to God's will.

In the meantime:

Proclaim it in Judah,
Make it heard in Jerusalem,
Blow the trumpet through the land,
Assemble yourselves,
And let us go
Into the fortified cities!
Lift up a standard toward Zion;
Seek refuge without delay!
For I am bringing evil form the north,1
A great destruction.
A lion comes up from his lair,
The destroyer of nations has set out;
He has gone out from his place
To turn your land into desolation,
Your cities will be ruins,
Without inhabitants.
So, put on sackcloth,
Lament and wail:
The blazing wrath of the Lord
Is not turned away from us. (Jeremiah 4:5-9)

Now when we read about what is going on in the world, the prophetic call to prepare and take refuge is most pressing. Do we have much time left? The Blessed Virgin told Don Gobbi, at Lourdes, of September 18, 1988, that in this last decade will come to completion that fullness of time which was pointed out to us, beginning with La Salette all the way to the most recent and present apparitions, and will come to completion the time of the great tribulation, which has been foretold in Holy Scripture, before the Second coming of Jesus.

Before beginning a new plan however, Heaven gives ultimate chances before an instrument or an institution falls. In Saint John, alas, a last chance was scuttled when Our Lady's plans for the farm in Salisbury were altered, bringing disintegration - which occurs when Heaven pulls away. This last chance consisted in raising a second community2 from the ashes of the first.

So, after this last chance was muffled, Our Lady initiated the final plan and began to guide people along the new way. Some were placed en route ahead of others to thus indicate the direction of the site, where without my suspecting the why, at the time, Our Lord had asked me, through The Little Pebble, in 1988, not to go to the farm in Salisbury, but to remain where I am now. I now see why: for The Asylum City. Others are to follow according to their heart. This is why some are ahead, with some even at destination, The Asylum City, the refuge, the sanctuary, while others linger - some never to answer, alas, with the risk of perishing if they are called, but do not respond.

Yes, things are that serious, as it was shown to Josef of Holland, called The White Unicorn, and as it was also shown to me interiorly and in a dream. Ah, if only people kept their eyes on Our Lady. It is a tragedy not to follow Her, for it is to fix oneself, as did the Jews once, when they refused to follow Jesus, in rigidity and blindness.3

Now time is getting short, as it was said above, and there is no more place for vain analysis and discussions. The story of what took place for many of us is a long and painful narrative. It is a story that started elsewhere than Saint John, in fact in Quebec with the failure of The City of the Immaculate, and so before was formed a community with Br. Joseph Francis, the Guardian of The Weeping Madonna of Canada, charred in a mysterious fire, and was raised another community in Salisbury.

Heaven had, therefore, granted chances upon chances until a severe warning by Our Lady was rejected, concerning the farm of the second community of Saint John, in Salisbury. The Little Pebble was informed of this, and he even wrote to whom it concerned to notify that Heaven's plans regarding the layout of the buildings and the houses, on the farm, had to be respected and to heed the warnings given by Vern Sipos and Peter Randel of the United States, Therese Mallette of Canada, and myself, all people that he named in his dispatch that I had the occasion to read later on. I had received a warning from Our Lady, in a dream. I had passed it on to the one responsible of the farm, Francis Desousa, who flew at me in a rage.

Alas, The Little Pebble did not follow up on the matter, as he was already in the snares that were tightening evermore around him, despite warnings after warnings. He was working too close to the sectarians to pay attention, as it was shown Anne Catherine Emmerich in her famous visions concerning the future of the Church. And he is now in the state of believing in a new covenant for him where he can dissolve his legitimate marriage, by putting aside his wife and four young children, and take a young girl of 17-year of age, from Munich, as a new bride to represent the new covenant which is to begin at the death of John Paul II!! It is a story that conforms well with the tragic events of the Latter Days, and The Little Pebble, according to what is said, is asking followers to sign him an oath of allegiance. He has already asked this oath of those who are in his immediate entourage.

A nice scenario! And his spiritual director, Fr. Broussard, hailing from the United States, wants to validate all this with texts picked out of St. Thomas and the Holy Scripture!

No wonder I saw that priest in a vision, in 1989, one year before all this drama takes place, with his mouth enormously open out of which jutted big books. I first did not understand anything of this vision other than the priest was not using his knowledge well: all head knowledge and no heart knowledge. I thought I had hallucinated, not having yet the smallest clue of what would take place, the following year and afterwards.

Now in the light of the present drama unfolding around The Little Pebble of Australia, this vision of 1989 takes on a particular meaning!

I had seen this spiritual director of The Little Pebble, Fr. Broussard, at another time in a dream, on January 4, 1989, in what I call The Tower of Babel. Yes, I saw myself on a quite high mountain where it was all gloomy with the sky laden with big rolling black clouds profiled in fiery red. One could see below a city, as can be seen from above in a plane, this to show that the mountain was quite high. I saw there people going to and fro, without any direction as if in a trance, holding in their right hand an old used up brick. Fr. Broussard was standing with people around him. He was holding a map and was motioning impatiently to the people to place their brick along ledges, in short, anywhere, as long as they placed the brick. But the people continued to seek. It was confusion everywhere!

I caught a passer-by to ask him what was going on, and he answered that they were working for The Little Pebble! telling me to look at what they had already built, pointing to the mountain! To his question, whether we too worked like that for The Little Pebble, I answered, "No indeed." He then showed me an old bench where I could sit and wait, that someone would come to explain all to me. And I saw him leave, looking lost, seeking a place where to place his brick. Poor fellow, he thought that the mountain on which they stood was something they had built. Then, as nobody came to me and the sky was becoming darker and threatening, I lifted the hem of the grayish-white cassock I was wearing and I jumped off ... to wake up and remain for some time pondering in the middle of the night over the meaning of what I had been shown. I received the understanding that The Little Pebble was in grave danger, because of some people in his entourage and elsewhere in whom he blindly placed his trust.

I wrote all that to The Little Pebble, in June, 1989, after having concluded that the numerous warnings I had received possibly meant they were not illusions and that something was definitely wrong. I also told him that I had seen him too, himself, at different occasions, in visions in broad daylight. A first time, with one side of his face white, and the other black, with the comprehension that the person in front of me had a double identity. A second time, I saw him dressed as a business man of a big firm, and a third time dressed in an all-white suit with a red flower on the lapel, this time hearing the word "Mafia!" I remained with mouth wide open, and am still wondering, thinking that the white suit could have meant his coming "marriage"(?)

I also informed him of what had happened to me during the night of the 23rd to the 24th of February, 1989, while he was visiting Saint John, accompanied by Domanski of Olawa, Poland. I was taken in bilocation to the place of the meeting where I heard the voice of the Eternal Father through a thick layer of clouds which hid the ceiling of the room where the people were gathered, at Francis Desousa's. And I heard the Eternal Father deplore sadly in a long soliloquy what his children were doing, towards Himself and Our Lady, and telling me, "Look at what they are doing", making me understand, by these words, that He did not like what was taking place at that meeting. A brilliant shaft of light descended through the clouds, but I could not, though, recognize anyone, for everything around was in darkness where the people sat, as on a stage around the light of a powerful projector. But I was shown where were sitting two persons, The Little Pebble, where it was the darkest, and Francis Desousa at the other side of the room, also sitting in deep darkness.

And I was given to understand, that indeed Domanski would receive a message of warning for The Little Pebble. Which is what happened a few days later while they were in Toronto. A message which made Fr. Gebicki of Poland abandon his post close to The Little Pebble, in Australia. He returned all contrite after a time to clear out definitely this time, last April, following the "marriage" of The Little Pebble and the survival of his wife, Ann, who continued to live despite the predictions of her imminent death and the 9 Masses said for the repose of her soul! Father Gebicki became aware of what he himself was participating in and he cleared out, going to the ecclesiastical authorities in Wollongong. I succeeded in reaching him on the telephone to have him confirm what was already filtrating here and there.

This was taking place at the beginning of April, and Ann is still alive and well despite the fact that her funeral had been prepared while alive! Results: The Little Pebble now wants to divorce, despite the unceasing appeals to reality from the Superior of the Order of Saint Charbel, Father Gabriel de Montfort of Holland, on service close to The Little Pebble, in Australia. Appeals which remain without echo other than a public denunciation from The Little Pebble towards Fr. Gabriel and Josef of Holland, and a justification of his "marriage" throughout the world.

Will The Little Pebble come to his senses? Narrowly, according to Anne Catherine Emmerich and other messages given to The White Unicorn. Hence the promise is there ... but oh! what a foreboding expressed by the Eternal Father in His long monologue! In sorrow, He concluded his long lament by saying, "And so I will found My Community of Saint Joseph." What is to come? The Community of Saint Joseph is intimately linked to The Asylum City in our area.

Whatever the outcome we cannot despair, but rather pray for those who get obstinate and let themselves be caught by the wiles of the Evil One. Yes, The Asylum City is true, in order to replace the great City of the Immaculate whose construction was put off in Quebec, a city wanted by Heaven which is now too late to build, now that we have entered the last decade. The construction of that city was to be done by man with the help of angels, with a high wall made of triangular stones to form an oval like the Miraculous Medal, intersected by 15 gates to represent the mysteries of the Rosary: The Asylum City will be encircled by fire in time, and the outline was given by Heaven.

Yes, the battle is fierce and the Evil One is engaged in it more than ever, and many souls do not see the powers engaged in the struggle, preferring to put their head in the sand They thus remain confused and are ready to gulp blindly any poison that is fed to them.

And the danger is also present along the route to safety where some turn about nearly at the finish line! Others will cross the finish line but to make a U-turn, lacking trust in the protection of Our Lady. Others will not prepare because of man's malice. There is also a snare behind the multiplicity of communities by good people, to whom it was told that they could found if they so wished! a snare to stop the souls to get on the way towards the real sanctuaries or home-refuges ... Agonizing hesitations! It has to come from the heart and not devised intellectually!

But God is there! This is why one should not engage hastily in set frameworks for the time being - this would be a snare. People can exercise patience by getting together in prayer. A new way is opening up, and Saint Joseph, as it was foretold in 1896, during the apparitions of Tilly-sur-Seulles, in France, has a special role for the End Times. This is why the Community of Saint Joseph is so closely linked to our Asylum City. The Little Pebble and other seers have been made aware of this.

The remnant will therefore be guided towards these places of refuge in the world, where those who are already there but do not correspond to God's grace, will want to get out! This also was shown to me in a dream.

The Asylum City in Canada was revealed to me in a dream, in September, 1989, and it was confirmed by The Little Pebble himself and other seers, and the time has come to make it known. It is even late! It is a place outlined by a line of fire and is to serve as a refuge during the coming calamities. This line of fire, which forms a circle and which encompasses in its furthest extension, north, south, and west, the places where the Weeping Madonna of Canada visited in our area, was traced by St. Theresa of Lisieux in a dream, in September, 1989, while I lay in the hospital after a cardiac attack - I was cured a while later at the Victoria General of Halifax, by the Blessed Virgin, under the titles of The Rosa Mystica and Our Lady of Olawa whose holy cards were sent to me by Domanski without my asking for them.

Inside the outline traced by St. Theresa it was all green, while outside everything was charred without any trace of a blade of grass or any standing structure. It was quite awesome to see!

The Community of Saint Joseph, for the time being, emphasizes family life4 based on the Ten Commandments, the teachings of the Church, the Rosary, the Scapular and sacramentals, daily family prayer, daily Mass if possible, and a weekly group prayer meeting. A habit was shown me by Saint Joseph for the religious as well as for the lay people. All the details have not yet been given however.

All this is willed by the Eternal Father Whom I heard talk, as mentioned above, when I was taken in bilocation to Saint John, in 1989, where The Little Pebble held a meeting during his visit with Domanski. I heard the Eternal Father express His sorrow regarding what His own children were doing, and I heard Him say at the end of his long monologue, "And so, I will found My Community of Saint Joseph." Already before, on January 21, 1989, of the same year therefore, Saint Joseph had appeared to me to tell me about Heaven's desire. All this was told The Little Pebble who confirmed it all.

All this is revealed to guide those who have retained the capacity to hear and to understand.


1.Russia, country of the North, is the destroyer of nations. See explanation of the warning seen in our skies, on November 17, 1989. It is then close!
2.The first community ended following the fire which destroyed the Mother House, in February, 1988.
3.See warning given to Josef of Holland, of July 4, 1991.
4.See crest of the Community of Saint Joseph.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 10, 1992 - In answer to an inquiry from a reader ...

Dear friend,

The reason why I came to mention The Little Pebble in connection with The Asylum City is related in Section V (cf. A10), where it is said I was taken in bilocation to the place where he held a meeting during his visit to Canada in 1989, i.e. at Francis Desousa's house in Saint John, N.B. I was suddenly taken to the place, around 11 p.m. and heard the Eternal Father's long expression of desolation. He ended his long monologue by saying He would therefore found the Community of Saint Joseph.*

The meeting place was plunged in darkness with the people attending hardly discernible as shadows only, in a darkness in concentration around The Little Pebble and Francis Desousa which made me wonder, after having been brought back around 4 a.m., what these two had done or were about to do to bring about such sorrow in the Eternal Father.

The general gist of the Eternal Father's soliloquy was that The Little Pebble was engaged on a difficult path from which he was to withdraw, for what he was doing or about to do was not pleasing to God. He was accompanied by the Polish seer, Kazimierz Domanski**, and I was then given to understand that the latter would receive a message of warning for The Little Pebble, which he indeed received a few days later in Toronto but which was rejected. This is the time that both Domanski and Fr. Gebicki left The Little Pebble, the latter to recant and come back to his service, but to leave permanently when The Little Pebble although married with family got involved in a "mystical" marriage with a young girl, Bettina, from Munich, Germany, who now has a child with him and is awaiting another apparently.

The Little Pebble should have sensed that things were not right with certain people who counciled him and should have reacted, but his inaction displeased Heaven and thus put him on a sidetrack. He continued to deviate further to finally land in the predicament he presently is in.

We must pray for our seers, mystics and visionaries, for the battle of the spirits is of gigantic proportion, and many go astray. The Little Pebble is authentic, but what then if he persists on the path he has taken? I do not judge him, only what he is doing. The warnings he received were many, but he chose not to listen to them, but only to those who induced him into error in his entourage and lull him in fantasies. It is all very painful for us here, as this is the third time around for bad experiences with seers: Joseph Francis, of Saint John, N.B., Marie-Paule, of Quebec City, Que. and now The Little Pebble, of Nowra, Australia.

Heaven in its mercy looked down upon us and granted that a sanctuary be established in our area, The Asylum City. The Weeping Madonna of Canada had come in her weeping statue, under the guardianship of Joseph Francis, to set the confines, in 1984; St. Therese of Lisieux came in a dream-vision, in 1989, to draw around these confines a circle of fire (cf. A1, Section V), which reflected itself visibly in our skies, on November 17, 1989, in a red circle (cf. A2, Section V), and on August 19, 1991, in a white vaporous circle above our area (cf. A3, Section V). Our Lady, The Mystical City of Refuge had established The Asylum City for the End Days in a most spectacular fashion thus preluding its role as The New Jerusalem for the New Era.

John/Albert Arseneau

* I had seen St. Joseph twice in the sun in the afternoon of January 21, 1989, and March 21, 1989. He had come to show me in details the habit for the Community of St. Joseph.
** Caption for the photo below showing those who accompanied The Little Pebble in his tour in 1989: on the left - Fr. Gebicki; in the middle, The Little Pebble, with above his left shoulder, Andrew Wingate, The Trumpeter, and on his immediate left, Kasimierz Domanski, of Olawa, Poland.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 14, 1993 - Sitting in my little chapel, chagrined over having received on the phone from Mary Jane Even*, of Nebraska, the day before, the remark that the name "Asylum City" suggested a place for deranged people, I expressed my sorrow to Our Lord Who answered promptly and emphatically, "Do not change the name of The Asylum City. It's its name! Do not pay attention."

*Moreover this same person will tell me on the phone some time later, on the day my internet operator, Maurice DeGrechie, had just finished putting on the net The Third Testament on The Asylum City, "I have a message for you from St. Joseph. Listen closely as my voice will change." Indeed her voice became hoarse to supposedly become St. Joseph's voice which said, "No true seer of mine uses the internet!"

I was stunned to say the least, as was Maurice who immediately proceeded to erase our whole website with a shattered heart. Later he patiently put it all back after prayer and reason had prevailed realizing the Evil One had had a "field day", especially when I shall have spoken later to Mary Jane, at a meeting in Chicago during a visit by The Little Pebble, who forwarded the reason for her voice change had been a "cold", and had walked away haughtily (incidentally not the first time she was giving me the cold shoulder). I had remained perplexed and hurt that a seer, of all people, would pull such a stunt ... I immediately realized that she was acting under the influence of her mentor Franz Keiler, of Buffalo, N.Y., also a seer, who, for some reason I fail to understand, "has it in for me" despite the fact he had been told by Our Blessed Mother in Fatima to become my brother in response to a plea I had made to Her to replace the brother I had lost in Joseph Francis.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 12, 1993 - As I was getting The Third Testament on The Asylum City ready to be sent out, I asked Our Lord if I should perhaps send it first to two well-known seers for their counsel. Our Lord replied, "No, if you do, The Third Testament will not ever get out as they will try to dissuade you ..."

I was to learn later, through a seer, that indeed there had been echoes from a priest in Quebec, Fr. Yves-Marie Blais, who did not want The Third Testament to come out as he said The Asylum City would overshadow his mission in Quebec.*

I was also told, inwardly, on this Feast Day of Our Lady of Revelation, as new comprehension was given on the depth of hidden meanings in The Third Testament, "The Third Testament will have more impact than you think."
* Andrew Wingate, The Trumpeter, had called me to expect fierce opposition.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

July 9, 1993 - As is right and proper I must make the Church authorities, from the lowest to the highest, aware of Heaven's plans in our area, and this is the reason for sending the following letter to The Holy Father ... little knowing I would soon be meeting with him personally (cf. Section VI).

Your Holiness,

Please find enclosed a brochure entitled "The Asylum City" with the simple purpose of informing you of what we believe Heaven has set afoot for our corner of the country.

Will there be another issue? At this stage we do not know. At the beginning everything was given pell-mell not quite knowing where this would lead. Then with no premeditation on our part, here start to come together text and photos in a fashion which at first did not seem to have any follow-up.

This is about the unusual, as you will see, which leaves us of course in mystery. And Heaven respected the style of a poor blunt pen ... There is most certainly a comprehension surrounding the whole picture but from there to fully grasp the meaning there is quite a margin. And once all is put together, not a single line could be added. The curtain had closed ... A sequence? There seem to be certain outlines, but that is all.

So, Holy Father, here is the brochure on "The Asylum City" that we submit to you in all simplicity.

Please accept our best wishes while assuring you of our poor petitions to Our Heavenly Mother at the site She deigned come in The Asylum City as Our Lady of Lourdes and then as Our Lady of All Peoples, standing radiant in front of a rugged cross, all this happening without words, but well indicating where all was unfolding and plainly enough so that we would be able, some time later, to find the exact spot, even though She had come like an interior vision afar from the site in question. Why come as Our Lady of Lourdes? As photo A21 shows, she pushed aside her mantle with her hands, as if She was looking for something, and then everything to disappear.

This visit seems to forebode something, but at this stage only Heaven knows, leaving but hints.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,


* * * * * * * * * * * *

August 25, 1993 - In a dream-vision during the early hours of the morning, Jeannine DeGrechie, a member of our Community of St. Joseph sees the statue of The Weeping Madonna of Canada allegedly burned in the fire which gutted, on February 6, 1988, the Mother House of The Society of the Pillars and Servants of the Immaculate founded by Bernard Parks, Joseph Francis, in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Jeannine sees in the dream-vision that the statue of Our Lady of Fatima had been retrieved, and she sees herself lifting the sheet used to cover the statue once it was out of the ice, and identifying the statue which was not in such a bad state, having been protected by the ice. Jeannine had lifted the sheet about halfway down. At a given time while in the burned chapel she will see Daniel Doiron with others digging in the debris and ice, where had been the statue, this while the rest of the community was on a pilgrimage in Nowra, Australia, a trip organized long before the disaster.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

September 20, 1993 - Upon awakening, the Evil One to come and tell me that I had engaged myself in an unsurmountable task regarding The Asylum City and our evenings of community prayers, that it would be better if I kept quiet. He tried to instill deep fear in me, but when I retorted that God would help, the assault immediately ceased. But I felt quite shaky for a good while.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

May 26, 1995 - A message given in Rome, Italy, by Our Lady to Fr. Manuele, mystic of Mexico,  through whom I had made a query:

"Yes, my Little John, you have to take care of me. You have to love Me the best you can, but you will only achieve this by opening your eyes to your faith every day.

I am with the superior as well as with the inferior. All are my children and your vocation is to take care of Me and to love Me in them.

It is very consoling to love My Son Jesus in the Eucharist, in Scripture, yet it is not so to love Him in our neighbor. The same applies to Me. It is beautiful and very consoling to love Me through all Marian Devotions.

You, my Little John, are already mature in your faith and you must love Me and protect Me in all your neighbors, because I am in them. All of them are my children, all are your brothers.

Your heavenly Mother blesses you and loves you." Mary

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 22, 1997 - In answer* to questions put to Our Lady through Pawel Szczerzynski, Little Brother in Christ, of Poland:

  1. Is The Asylum City authentic?

    "Yes, but it must be well interpreted."**

  2. Is John/Albert pursuing the right path?


* Any answer given by Our Lady to Pawel Szczerzynski, Little Brother in Christ, of Poland, followed questions sent through by a mutual friend of Paris.
** The word "asylum" is not well interpreted by many, yet, the meaning is clear in the dictionary: place of refuge.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

June 21, 1997 - In answer to a question asked Our Lady by The Little Pebble:

  1. Dear Mother, can you explain to me The Asylum City and the Community of St. Joseph?

"I greet you, my precious Little Stone and Solid Foundation of Faith. I am pleased you have asked Me this question, for many children truly desire to know about this matter.

"My son, The Asylum City, as such, is another name given to a refuge. It is not actually a city as such but a region where God desires to lead his children in the times of tribulation. Many have misinterpreted the meaning of this name, Asylum City, for the name, itself, is not important in itself, only that God has chosen an area of this country, Canada, where our children will come in refuge, for truly I say unto you, my Rock of Truth, I am this Refuge.

"It is important for our sweet children to understand, concerning this choice of the region encircled by fire, that it has two meanings: first, it is a place of protection, and, a place where hell will gather its forces to mislead and drive away souls of good will.

"The Community of St. Joseph is willed by God but is not yet completed ...

"The city that I had desired to be built for many years was The City of My Immaculate Heart which included a region of Canada I have spoken about.1 However, this was not fulfilled for the enemy of God succeeded in bringing division amongst those that I had sent; (later) they broke away from The Rock that (would have) unified them.2,3 Part of the city of refuge (in this other region)3 was brought forth by man, but, as man continues to use his own understanding and interpretation of God's plan, they did not accept or realize that you, my True Rock, was the key and corner stone rejected that would have achieved the full plan of God surrounding this Holy Work.

"You now have an answer, my child, about the Crown Jewel of your mother, which you may share with our child John/Albert and others.

"I bless† you and all those that seek the truth†."

Your Loving Mother and Mystical City of God.

1. Cf. Section V on The Asylum City.
2. June 26, 1997 - Re my thoughts on The Asylum City ...
"Yes, it has to do with the plan given to Marie-Paule (of Quebec City), and ratified by Bernard Parks (of Saint John N.B.), guardian of the Weeping Madonna of Canada requested by Heaven to help M. P.: the plan, however, was not followed through as Heaven wished."
"The Asylum City has to do with the City of God, Our Holy Mother's City."
"The Community of St. Joseph is only a little part of this plan." The Little Pebble
3. October 2, 1997 - Thus The Asylum City, in New Brunswick, is plan B to replace plan A, The City of The Immaculate Heart started in Quebec, as explained in Section V on The Asylum City.
Plan A, The City of the Immaculate Heart was to be an actual walled-city with 15 gates in the oval shape of the Miraculous Medal. Much work had been initiated - a model even put on display in Quebec - but was later abandoned. Then plan B came into being on September 14, 1989, when St. Therese of Lisieux came to cordon off in fire an area, that is now The Asylum City, as I saw her do in a dream-vision (cf. picture A1, Section V), Heaven itself thus establishing directly plan B, and rightly so as time is now short and man's effort is wanting. John/Albert

* * * * * * * * * * * *

July 7, 1997 - Answer given by Our Blessed Mother, through Pawel Szczerzynski, of Poland:

  1. Will John/Albert soon have a priest for his community?

    "Yes, I will send him a good priest, but he should pray a lot for this. I bless his community and himself from My Heart full of love."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

August (?), 1997 - These questions were put to Our Lady through Pawel of Poland while he was at Lita Desousa's in Paris:

  1. Is it Heaven's wish that Marie-Paule go to The Asylum City to join John/Albert?

    "This is not the right time for her to join the community now."

  2. Is it Heaven's wish that Joan Henry return to her family or remain with John/Albert's community?

    "For now she is to stay with the community, but one day she will return to her family."

  3. Is Monica Wilcott's dream true or not as asked by John/Albert?

    "My dear son of my Immaculate Heart, you are to know that this dream is from Heaven and it has a special meaning for the future. I bless you."

    I bless you and my daughter. + + +

* * * * * * * * * * * *

August 16, 1997 - In answer to a question put to Our Lady through Pawel Szczerzynski, of Poland:

  1. Is it Our Lord's wish, as claimed by Mary Jane Even of Lincoln, Nebraska, that I be denied the messages she receives from Heaven?

"In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. I greet you my little soldier and I bless you from my Heart to bring hope into your heart.

"Do not be afraid, I, your Heavenly Mother, am with you. You are to know, my little one, that my daughter Mary Jane has the free will to send the messages, but everyone has the right to receive them, for I give my words of Light to everybody, words for those who love Me and also for those who are searching the good way to follow it. Each of you has the right to read them with no regard to your point of view.

This is my answer to you, my child, and you can use this answer when you phone or fax her once again.* I bless you."

* I did as requested by Our Lady, but Mary Jane's answer remained the same, even adding that I was being punished, without telling me the reason, although I had asked her why. But no answer was ever given other that I should get the messages through some friends, perhaps. I sensed she felt very embarrassed. The thought came that a "mentor", in this case Franz Keiler, of Buffalo, NY, USA, was unduly influencing her. I felt deeply chagrined as I had found Mary Jane rather sympathetic when I had met her, but I was not surprised by her attitude as the "mentor" was a person who held himself in high esteem and was easily bruised by the slightest jolt, even unintentional. I had not found it amusing when he sent me a card one day informing me he had conducted a "popularity survey" which gave him a 68% rating compared to the 34% given to The Little Pebble. He also kept reminding me that he had been a seer longer than most contemporary ones. Also, he could not accept Br. Joseph Francis, guardian of The Weeping Madonna of Canada, as he felt supplanted by him next to The Little Pebble.

Moreover, in Fatima will he tell me during a pilgrimage, in 1988, that he had crossed the street to go and slap him, a gesture I did not indeed approve even though Joseph Francis had just broken with The Little Pebble. And Joseph Francis to riposte! Quite a scene between two seers right on a street of Fatima!

And Franz Keiler will not follow-up afterwards on the request the Holy Virgin made to him, in 1988, in fact during the pilgrimage, that he become "my brother" to replace Joseph Francis who had pulled away from me, "the big brother." (Cf. The Last Call, Les Editions Fatima-Quebec, 3540 Du Long-Sault, #5, Beauport, QC, G1F 1H6, Canada.) So in one stroke I would lose two "brothers."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

August 29, 1997 - Again, in answer to a question put to Our Lady through Pawel Szczerzynski, of Poland:

  1. Will The Trumpeter join John/Albert very soon?

    "Yes, he will call him, and they will be reunited, but first of all, The Trumpeter must be Catholic again.*"

* In his zeal of wanting to bring back orthodoxes and schismatics, Andrew Wingate allowed himself to get mixed up in the notions of validity and legality, and allowed that he be ordained by The Old Roman Catholics, a schismatic Church brought about in Utrecht, in Holland.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

August 31, 1997 - In answer to questions to Our Lady through Pawel Szczerzynski, of Poland:

  1. Why was I given the name John during a dream-vision which I saw myself as a tall pillar of granite, and I heard, "You are John, the protector of the Virgin Mary."? Was this a true dream-vision?

    "You are to know, my child, that this vision you mention was a true one. But you have to understand that the true meaning of this vision is different from what you think. Yes, you have to protect Me by your prayers and your work. Your heart must be so simple and pure as St. John's heart."

  2. Do You mean, Dear Mother, that I am the Apostle John of the Latter Days and for the New Era? Sr. Guadalupe, of Guatemala, and Fr. Manuele, of Mexico, said I was that apostle.

    "My dear child of My Immaculate Heart, I greet you and I send you My Love. Your mission given to you is true. So do not be worried, even afraid. You are my cherished one. I bless you in a special way, and I open My Maternal Heart to you. Your Loving Mother."

  3. Was Sr. Danielle, Thornbush, ever a true seer, or was her role as a seer a fabrication of Fr. Blais'?

    "She is a victim soul, My dear child, and a good seer, but not everything that has been published was from her."

  4. Is William Kamm, The Little Pebble, to be Peter II?

    "Everything that God has planned, will occur, my son, so do not worry. Pray and wait for the decision of Holy Mother Church."

  5. Is the site of the Birch Tree, where You came in The Asylum City, to belong someday to the Community of Saint Joseph of The Asylum City?

    "Yes, We have a plan for this ground. I bless you, and I cover you with my mantle of love."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

October 21, 1997 - Another directive given through Pawel Szczerzynski, Little Brother in Christ, of Poland:

  1. Should John/Albert place his community under the Order of St. Charbel at the present time?

    "He is to know that he is to wait for the right time for his community to unite with the St. Charbel Order."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

October 25 (?), 1997 - And from Our Lady, again through Little Brother in Christ, this time in echo to what was told in Section V:

  1. Is it Heaven's wish that Marie-Paule comes to The Asylum City to join John/Albert?

    "It is not the right time for her to join the community now."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

December 25, 1997 - If I did not get killed on this particular day, it is due to my guardian angel's warning and action.

I was getting ready, at about 4 p.m. to go to my brother's for Christmas Day dinner, at a five-minute walk along the highway from my home.

Suddenly I hear, "Take your car."

I did not! As I thought this made no sense, since my brother lived so close by, and I had just seen his driveway full of cars.

On the way, a salt-spreading truck, which I did not hear coming from behind as the traffic sounds were muffled by a coat of freshly-fallen snow, rushed by with its side-wing lowered, right over the pedestrian pathway. Usually this side-wing is upright when not plowing. I was literally pushed aside and felt the rush of air by my ear! My head would have been crushed by the heavy steel wing!

I stood transfixed on the spot, and then resumed my walk, noticing that my brother's driveway was now free from the cars which had been there a short time before.

I must say here that it is not always easy to discern the voice in inner locutions, or in dreams. The words, whether divine, marian or angelic, though clear and distinct, vary in tone and can be very low. So far, on the whole, I have been blessed to know who my interlocutor was.

These occurrences have mainly been manifest ever since I have made my full consecration to Our Blessed Mother, in the early ‘70's, according to St. Louis-Marie Grignon de Montfort's formula. (See the preface, for other manifestations.)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 22, 1998 - I was always at a loss how to answer people who asked what I was, since I had written The Third Testament on The Asylum City.

On this particular day, while attending a tridentine Mass in Cincinnati, Ohio, the idea that I was a "witness" came when the priest said the last gospel of St. John.

I suddenly felt detached from my surroundings with the word "witness" echoing deeply in my heart with much understanding that indeed I had witnessed so many things regarding The Asylum City, visually, in dream-visions, in locutions, etc.

My companion, Joseph Re, noticed that something had occurred with me. He thought I had fallen in a sort of ecstasy. No, I had just felt "detached", although aware of my surroundings. I had also felt so light with a deep sense of well-being.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

March 7, 1998 - The Archangel St. Ariel confirms, in a dream-vision, that he had inspired me directly with the wording of the preface of The Third Testament on The Asylum City, and reveals, at the same time, that he is my guardian angel. The voice said, "I am the Archangel Ariel, your guardian angel."

I did not know there was an archangel with such a name. Sure enough! Someone had just sent me a book on angels and there was a whole section on this archangel, known way back by different authors in the history of the Church and represented accompanied by a lion, the same symbol associated with St. John. I had awakened following the dream and had gotten up quickly to consult the book right away.

In February I had had to give a talk, in Cincinnati, Ohio, during the visit of the Two Patricks of Ireland, and the thought had come to transpose all the pictures in The Third Testament on transparencies to use with an overhead projector to facilitate the interest of the audience, and then had come the wording of a preface to serve as a presentation of the speaker.

I had been notified on short notice that I would have to give a talk and I had been at a loss as how to proceed for a talk of reasonable length on a very complex and unheard-of topic, The Asylum City ... everything went fine with unexpected success.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

At the beginning of April, 1998 - St. Ariel came to indicate to me clearly, in a dream, that The Little Pebble was in need of moral support, and that I had to contact him.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 20, 1998 - Answer given by Our Lady to Little Brother in Christ, of Poland, following a question sent through Lita Desousa of Paris:

  1. Will you, dear Mother, return to the Birch Tree again, as I miss you so much.

    "My chosen one, I love you very much. You are to know that I shall return to the Birch Tree one day under a special sign for my beloved children. I bless you, my son Albert, my dear John of my Immaculate Heart."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 27, 1998 - The following is an answer from Our Lady to a question posed through Pawel, Little Brother in Christ, of Poland, while he was in Toronto at a friend's place:

  1. Is the Archangel St. Ariel my guardian angel?

    "Yes, my child, your special guardian angel and protector in your mission is St. Ariel. He guides and protects you. He will stay at your side all the time and you will obtain many graces through him for your mission.

    "Do not be afraid, my child. Take courage and I shall protect you under my Mantle of Love. I am sending you my special love and special blessing to protect your heart, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

May 27, 1998 - I shall now endeavor to recount what I was shown in a dream-vision by St. Ariel, my guardian angel, who came to hold two typewritten paragraphs in front of my eyes, one above the other, the smaller paragraph below stating Heaven's command to have the paragraph above removed, (a paragraph put out by Mary Jane Even, of Lincoln, Nebraska, in July, 1992), the reason being that message No. 535 had intervened, on which to focus, and in which Heaven explained to The Little Pebble what had been traced out for him, with much courage and humility given to him to make it public: Heaven thus affirming him in his role.

Heaven had thus intervened, to redress an unjust portrayal of The Little Pebble instilled in many souls1, by putting accent on message No. 535.

All this was relayed by St. Ariel's voice, and at 3 a.m., in those wee hours of May 27, 1998, I awoke with the most startling revelations flooding my mind:

1. For example, many souls had been told by those who had boasted of having goaded The Little Pebble that they had done this "to test him." They later would turn against him.
2. I was given to see, at one time, the pope in The Asylum City, feebly climbing the steps to the sanctuary in our church, in Petit Rocher, N.B., and had seen the papal flag beside the altar at another time ... all this, of course, conditioned by events, I understand.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

June 6, 1998 - Following the above message sent to The Little Pebble, the latter answers:

Dear John/Albert,

Greetings. You are now seeing the fullness of Truth. God bless,

The Little Pebble

* * * * * * * * * * * *

September 27, 1998 - To Mary Jane Even ...

Dear Mary Jane,

Make sure you read page 2 of the message of August 6th to "The Little Prophet."

I had been wondering how you could still be receiving messages while attacking your fellow man and The Asylum City!

I hope you can pull out of this predicament and give a positive response to God when you will be contacted by the Precursors.

I got confirmation, this morning, of the network of contacts I described in my letter to The Little Pebble lately.

This is not from Heaven, and it is a puzzle why you are ever ready to go against me, and this from the start, even when you attacked the name of The Asylum City.

Be careful, any denial you will make will not be to me but to God Himself Who had to intervened directly, then, by saying, to soothe my deep hurt, "It's its name! Don't listen!"

You have shown me but disdain and contempt at every turn of the road where we met. I beg you to stop this. Of course, I forgive you, but I fear for you and your mission. I must now speak up.

I cannot help think also of your voice change when I called you to enquire whether I should put The Third Testament on the Internet. You said you had a message for me and to listen carefully to the change in your voice. And I heard in a harsh and raspy voice, "No true seer of mine is on the Internet!"

I nearly dropped the receiver as I felt I had tapped a line other than yours, and coming from the very bowels of the earth. I still have the shivers. Had you just had a cold, as you later said in Chicago, to explain your voice change, your voice would have been raspy from the moment you answered the phone. But your voice only changed after you asked me to listen to the message you had for me!! and to listen to your voice in particular!!

I did not compare you to Marie-Paule for nothing in my letter to The Little Pebble. And what you did to Paul at the Cap-de-la-Madeleine, last spring, is not Christian at all especially at a shrine. Remember, Paul has his version of how coldly he was received by both you and Franz.

I never expected these turns of events, but I am not surprised. You  did not call The Little Pebble the "Little Prick!" for nothing in Japan as documented by the very people you are now keeping contact with against The Little Pebble, of which contacts I had been alerted by my Guardian Angel when I was pleading Heaven to give me some answers as to the why of your attitude towards me.

Oh, Mary Jane we are not, alas, at the end of our surprises. Are we!?

Mary Jane, the Evil One cannot forever hide his intrigues.

And seers do not usually conduct popularity polls on fellow seers, as was done a few years back, by your mentor, Franz Keiler, of which I have never spoken to this day.

Out of the blue, Franz called me one day to announce he had just conducted a popularity poll and here were the ratings:

... and he hung up with no further comments.

Needless to say I was stunned! I stood speechless, unable to explain this action.

And could I reveal this at the time? No! Imagine the reaction as I rated then in the eyes of many as a big 0%!, as this happened at the very height of turmoil ... after the burning of the Mother House in Saint John and the intervening years prior to the revelation of The Asylum City.

I have waited and waited for the proper time to speak. And now I think the time has come. May the dice now roll and stop wherever Heaven dictates.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

September 29, 1998 - See Section V where I am shown as a tall pillar of granite.

Dear Little Pebble,

What does this symbol mean?It almost seems strange, if I look at myself and around me, but then I quickly realize, when I take a look at the present turmoil swirling around me and The Asylum City, that indeed I do need to be of granite and well-anchored to sustain the force of the current, and not be swept away in discouragement.


Little John/Albert,

Greetings. Yes, the tempest is very strong now, because the battle for truth is at stake. The gift of The Asylum City will become more apparent as we get closer to the time of total separation within the Church, for many souls will seek refuge in this area protected by the Queen of Heaven.

Well, granite is hard as you know. So strength and a solid foundation is associated to this symbolic in the pillar. Nothing on earth or hell will ever shift this pillar of truth.

So my good friend take heart for now is the time when all true believers will unite strongly to fight back the tide of the darkness that covers the Church and the world. God bless,

The Little Pebble

* * * * * * * * * * * *

October 7, 1998 - Fax ...

Dear Little Pebble,

At 1:00 p.m. today, feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, I suddenly got up from the very chair I was sitting in on August 27, 1992, and from which I saw Our Lady of Lourdes descend in The Asylum City at the foot of the White Birch, with the strong urge to go to the tree, although Our Lady's last visit was in September 1997. Since then I had not gone back very often because of the loneliness I felt every time I went. I could only see the sign, a beautiful flaming amber cross before the tree.

So, today I went again, because of the strong urge, and I saw the unexpected at the foot of the tree, a shimmering pool of red fire, from which there arose the fiercest swirl of red flames that seemed like a devouring vortex. Oh, how fierce the flames were which twirled in raging tornadoes. The flames were an orange red.

I thought that, indeed, I was hallucinating and was under some kind of illusion, but no, the amber cross1 followed to soothe my fear and terror down. It did not stand in front of the tree as usual but on the left.

My understanding was that I was given a glimpse of what is to befall the world, a storm, beyond imagination!

Was all this true? And what was the meaning? Had the cross not been there, I would say that I really had the worst hallucination. And then with the appearance of the cross which slowly faded, everything went back to normal, and I could finish my Hail Mary's and my pleas to Our Lady.

I would not necessarily ask for a confirmation, but, given the seriousness of what I saw, I do, if you think Heaven will answer.

I was really shaken, and came back weighed with emotion. I thought I would let you know.


* * *

December 18, 1998 -

Dear John/Albert,

Our Lady confirmed what you saw and perceived ... God bless,

The Little Pebble

1. The amber Cross is often seen at the Birch Tree whenever there is a manifestation.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

November 1, 1998 - H.E. Bishop Philip Wilson, P.O. Box 1239, Wollongong, NSW 2521 ...

Your Excellency,

As you will see, I am in a most delicate posture as to what to say or not to say regarding my friend of long standing, William Kamm, The Little Pebble, about whom you have now initiated an ecclesiastical investigation on the veracity of his claims and his mission. But however delicate the posture might be, I am complying with his recently sent out directive asking supporters, non-supporters, seers, visionaries, etc. to send you their testimonials.

I hasten to say that my posture was made sensitive in the late ‘80's and the early ‘90's upon the arrival on the scene of events about which I received prophetic alerts by Heaven that left me wondering at the time what could possibly occur to bring them about.

In order to introduce myself, I suggest you download The Third Testament on The Asylum City which I trust you will find a valuable source of information on The Little Pebble, throughout.

As intimated above, it will not be an easy task to write about a mission of great magnitude rendered controversial and perplexing, at one time, by elements which seemed to rob it of its clarity which is, however, made transparent again through Little Pebble's pivotal message #535, and will be undoubtedly made more so with your present investigation which will bring about salutary recommendations to eradicate possible after effects of the onslaught, which occurred in the period mentioned above, and thus give the mission the impetus it merits.

Thus my task at hand is to touch on those elements in order to help the investigation get rapidly to the good grain and gather the chaff.

My statements may seem bold, but I have long awaited in prayer for this opportunity of an investigation to make known my alerts and concern, for I do not think I received these alarms by Heaven just for myself and then to put them under a bushel.

A mission, I now understand, was at stake, and all Hell was bent on destroying it in diverse ways whose most pernicious aspect was that they came through alleged friends ... and still do, perhaps covertly, as a lingering kind of spirituality robbing the mission of its original simplicity and straightforwardness, this accomplished mainly through the association with one particular element personified sadly by a priest whose touch was not the Midas touch and who worked havoc everywhere he went throughout the world, forcefully propelled by his imbued theory of Group Dynamics and Mind Control he often boasted about!

This priest's sad predicament is best described by his very words spoken in a moment of some kind of exaltation with both arms opened and head thrown backward, "I am above all seers and mystics as I have direct Divine Infused Knowledge!" I then saw him transformed into a black panther before he lunged at me, saying "I want you!"

I fled, needless to say!

Yes, Your Excellency, your investigation is a God sent that will, though, exact much discernment and equilibrium that will be no doubt granted by God, for the benefit of a unique mission.

I am writing as a concerned friend who believes in this mission given to mankind, but endangered in its course by elements that are bound to surround any mission in order to stifle it, all this in the framework of the gigantic battle waged as we near the dawn of the New Era, the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

My touching the noxious elements is not easy, Your Excellency, and so I am not writing so much to extol the veracity of a mission as to underline the deleterious effects of alleged friends. I am, therefore, divulging as a witness often alerted directly by Heaven, and kept at a distance for what I call the period of the onslaught in the late ‘80's and early ‘90's.

My distancing - but not breaking away - as I can now see was permitted by Heaven in order to provide me with a better perspective and avoid being swayed away eventually by powerful alleged friends of The Little Pebble's, but now avowed opponents.

Please note carefully all the data herein that should give you a dimension that perhaps not too many contacting you will construe in its true nature, not having been participants in the saga surrounding The Little Pebble, or not wanting to know how a mission can be assailed.

I do hope that during the investigation all the detractors, inside and outside, will come out of the woodwork. Therefore, starting this investigation is like opening Pandora's Box, but I am sure it is to sift out the cockle from the grain.

All information herein should corroborate to spell out the complexity that was not meant and is not an inherent part of The Little Pebble's mission. The Enemy came to sow seeds whose time has now come to be weeded out.

It is only of late that I could really move close to The Little Pebble again, and this after the green light had been given by my guardian angel, the Archangel St. Ariel, last March - see Section VIII of enclosed The Third Testament on The Asylum City.

As I have said, had I not been put at a safe distance I could have easily been caught in the maelstrom.

Once a certain noxious element - the major one in fact - removed, i.e. Fr. Blais of L'Avenir, Quebec, Canada, I was given the signal that the time had come to give The Little Pebble my moral support - see message of April, 1998, in Section VIII of The Third Testament on The Asylum City.

I first met The Little Pebble in March 1986, in Quebec City, who had flown from Chicago to meet with Br. Joseph Francis, the guardian of The Weeping Madonna of Canada, at whose place, in Saint John, N.B., also wept Our Lady of the Ark statue given by The Little Pebble.

Br. Joseph Francis, visiting in Quebec City, at the time, and now residing in that city, had requested confirmation through The Little Pebble, whether Fr. Blais, who had joined the Community of The Pillars and Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, should be removed, as the latter was attempting to complicate the Rules and Constitutions already laid down,* despite the valiant opposition of the members. The message came quickly from Our Blessed Mother, through The Little Pebble, to have Fr. Blais removed immediately!

Now, Your Excellency, imagine my surprise and sorrow, when the following year, if I remember correctly, The Little Pebble informed me that he was in contact with Fr. Blais and was in fact in Montreal awaiting to be picked up at the airport by the latter. I expressed my surprise, of course, and told The Little Pebble, he would one day rue the day he associated himself with Fr. Blais.

As you will read in the conversations I had with Andrew Wingate, he and The Little Pebble had gone to L'Avenir, because they had been alerted of the coming of a seer by the name of Daniel or Danielle.

There were in fact two, a man and a woman by that name, who did come to L'Avenir.

Daniel, who became known as "Little Angel", eventually fled the place along with Therese Mallette, "Spring Flower", a seer now of Quebec City, who came to take refuge at my home, at the time, for two weeks.

The association of Fr. Blais with The Little Pebble and Andrew Wingate continued until his official denouncing of these two seers.

As to Danielle Gervais, from Toronto, having now become a nun in Fr. Blais' community under the name of Sr. Danielle, she became known as "Thornbush", and Astrid Smith, a divorced woman who had become the superior, became known as "Burning Bush."

Maybe "Thornbush" could have been a soul sent to provide guidance for Fr. Blais and others, but evidence came out that the messages she was passing out were fabricated by Fr. Blais who had put her under strict obedience.

I did meet Sr. Danielle, during a conference of seers in Cincinnati, and I became aware that she was the proverbial chicken that could have hatched but did not on account of outside influence.

This, only God knows for sure!

And all this kept me further away from The Little Pebble, having learned, moreover, of the new development now taking place in Australia: The Little Pebble having contracted a second marriage.

And it was then revealed to me that his life had been made complicated by an overlap, like a fold in a sheet of paper you would push at both ends at the same time, with the fold forming in the middle, and the only way to straighten the sheet, or The Little Pebble's conundrum, would be to pull the sheet flat out again. (See Section VIII of The Third Testament, regarding what is now to happen.)

I still have much to understand, but with the guidance given by my guardian angel, St. Ariel, I can move towards The Little Pebble and can understand that God, as with Abraham, his chosen people, the Israelites, and King David, is without repentance in his choice - although some seemed not to think so at one time and thus added to the perplexity, despite one recanting.

In my case Heaven had to intervene directly to remove my perplexity - see The Third Testament, Section VIII, message of May 27, 1998.

I am brushing but a broad picture, Your Excellency, as there are too many details. If indeed you deem it necessary to contact me for further precision, please do so.

This is all confidential as some information is sensitive.

I presently have a waning relationship with The Little Pebble.

In unity of prayer,


*I witnessed this attempt by Fr. Blais, in 1988, with the Rules and Constitutions of the Order of St. Charbel, in Australia. How much did he succeed? The answer would lay in anything elaborate and tending to tire souls.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

November 7, 1998 - To H.E. Bishop Philip Wilson, P.O. Box 1239, Wollongong, NSW 2521 ...

Your Excellency,


The following are dream-visions which occurred about the time of the other warnings I had received and related in the letter addressed to Nancy Norton and to The Little Pebble himself:

  1. In this particular dream I was brought to a beautiful concert hall all red-carpeted with the plushiest material and decorated with gold-trimmed draperies and crystal chandeliers.

    The lobby led to the concert hall itself and there on the stage were hundreds of musicians seated with their particularly rich instruments of all kinds. On one side was a magnificent organ.

    But what a cacophony greeted me in the harshest of dins to bust the eardrums.

    As I wondered as to why they were attuning the instruments in such loud manner, a voice told me these people were "actually playing" ... for The Little Pebble!

    And the scene vanished.

  2. Again some other night, either before or after the above dream, I was taken in this dream to a manufacture where greeted me a huge open space where hundreds of people were at work with the best material obtainable.

    Some were working with leather, and to my dismay they were cutting with no apparent design with long pointed scissors into the beautiful leather. They were just cutting, cutting and cutting, and then would drop the cut pieces to start cutting into other beautiful pieces.

    I turned around and walked to where there were sewing machines going at full speed with no let up. And again I was most astonished at what they were doing: sewing at full speed with the most gorgeous lace-like material, again with no design. One seamstress I approached was furiously sewing together the lace onto burlap! just sewing and sewing!

    Again the voice told me that they were working for The Little Pebble!


Is it any wonder that for years I was left in complete perplexity as to what was going on around The Little Pebble?

And to top it all there came in the fall of 1997, the message Mary Jane Even, of Lincoln, Nebraska, had received in 1992! A message that was confirmed by Our Blessed Mother following a question put to Her through Paul, of Poland, "Little Brother in Christ":

Question: Is the message given to Mary Jane, in 1992, regarding Peter II authentic?

Answer: You are to know, my child, that this is from Heaven, but you are to understand it as Heaven understands.

Following is the message given to Mary Jane; the rectification she made; then the replacement paragraph she subsequently published.

All this has to be understood in the light of the message given to me in a dream-vision, on May 27, 1998 - see message of May 27, 1998, in Section VIII on The Asylum City.

The paragraphs given to Mary Jane Even were taken from Booklet #18, dictated by the Virgin Mary, on July 15, 1992, but published only in 1997. There was obvious reason for the delay ... things would change, necessitating a rectification published on September 8, 1997.

Although an apology was published it did not really explain things thus could not remove the perplexity that could still exist in one's mind.* So Heaven had to intervene with full explanation, and additional information, thus substantiating further The Little Pebble's future role as the next Pontiff.

Heaven's ways are not ours!


* As other deeply disturbing material had poured in - see following pages.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

November 11, 1998 - H.E. Bishop Philip Wilson, P.O. Box 1239, Wollongong, N.S.W. 2521 ...

Your Excellency,

During my visit to Rome in December, 1993, accompanied by Fr. Jerome Duguay, of Ste-Therese-de-Gaspé, Que., I had the privilege of meeting privately with the Holy Father and give him a copy of The Third Testament on The Asylum City, this after Mass in his private chapel - see The Third Testament of The Asylum City, Section VI - and I also had the opportunity to go to Card. Ratzinger's office, where through his secretary, Msgr. Perle I made inquiries regarding Bishop-Abbot Philippe-Marie Miguet, of 27130 Verneuil-sur-Avre, France, as to his status in the Church, since I knew he had visited The Little Pebble, in Nowra, Australia, and had been asked to ordain, during his visit, Francis Desousa, a married deacon of the Community of Bethlehem of The Order of St. Charbel, in Salisbury, New Brunswick, Canada.

No sooner had I mentioned Bishop-Abbot Miguet's name that I was promptly informed of his real status by a curt, "Mister Miguet!" With this the conversation was resumed on the real matter at hand brought by Fr. Duguay, the possibility of obtaining copy of the original Rules and Constitutions of the Order of the Latter Days Apostles as given by Our Blessed Mother to Melanie Calvat at La Salette - Fr. Duguay thought he could pursue in the steps of a priest of the Marian Movement for Priests to found the Order requested by Our Lady, after the latter had suddenly passed away without having had the opportunity to pass on to Fr. Duguay the Rules and Constitutions he had and seemed to vanish.

Bishop Miguet had declined to perform the ordination asked of him after I had phoned him about the married status of deacon Francis Desousa, and stating that this gesture would really jeopardize his chances of ever be reconciled with the Church. Bishop Miguet was astounded that he had not been informed of this.

And on another note, in 1993, The Little Pebble had written to me to suggest that I go to Cincinnati, Ohio, and get training with Patriarch Athanasius Konstantinos Armstrong, of the Orthodox Catholic Church of Russia in the Americas, under Patriarch John Bereslavsky of Moscow, get ordained and then go to Australia to work with him. In my surprise I sent the letter to Athanasius in Cincinnati, without keeping a copy.

When I look at things today, I wonder how The Little Pebble could make such a request, and jeopardize my status in the Church. Is it any wonder, Your Excellency, that I took some distance with much reserve.*

Is it possible, Your Excellency, that The Little Pebble could have been that badly informed and believed his counselors to such a degree that it bordered naïvety? Yet he was in Verneuil, France, and he knew who and what Patriarch Athanasius was!

Oh, the entourage of a seer! What responsibility befalls them! I still hear the desolation in the Eternal Father's voice when He spoke to me in February 1989 - see The Third Testament on The Asylum City, A10, Section V. And there was yet another warning from him given to me in broad daylight in the summer of 1996, when I was moving the lawn. I stopped and listened, to a very serious voice that asked me if I would be willing to pass on to four major seers a message of warning. I answered I would, begging to have a sign of assurance, if he ever decided to give out these messages. For some time I could not divulge the name of the seers in question ... but now I can and William Kamm was among the four.

I am mentioning this because of the seriousness of the days we are now living in, and the gravity of the consequences when man does not heed Heaven's requests.

I am not asking anyone to believe in me, but at least not to take lightly the fact that God and Our Blessed Mother can and do speak to whomever they please.

Fraternally yours in unity of prayer,


*  I repeat again. I only moved closer to The Little Pebble following message #535, and because I was asked to give moral support by my guardian angel, the Archangel St. Ariel - see Section VIII of The Third Testament on The Asylum City.
And I was told The Little Pebble had got to go to Germany in the message of May 27, 1998 - see Section VIII, of The Third Testament on The Asylum City - as his mission must now move onto a higher level of activity, free from matters that would hinder his apostolic life, just as Peter I had to do.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

December 4, 1998 - A beautiful white Cross appeared at about 7 p.m. over the Bay bordering The Asylum City. The phenomenon appeared in the eastern sky as a huge white Cross with the full moon right in the middle as a large white Host. Another person apparently saw the Cross, some 150 miles (240 km.) away straight east, at exactly the same time. The lady, a pilgrim to The Asylum City some time before the event, would mention this some days later in a phone conversation.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 16, 1999 - A message by Our Lady to Brian Alves,* Little Golden Knight, of Fremont, Ca., USA:

My dear son, I thank you for your prayers. When you pray, it is as if there is a protective shield around you which the Evil One cannot penetrate through. It is when you do not pray that you are led to temptation and sin.

You are to inform my dear son Sherman that he is much loved by Heaven. He has searched much for answers, but in the wrong places. I appeared to him as a sign of hope and a sign of love. My sweet son Sherman truly is Little Thomas of the Last Times. He is one of the Latter Day Apostles and has been chosen well for his mission.

He has been chosen as Thomas because in the past he doubted the messages from Heaven and now he believes, such as the Apostle Thomas did not believe Christ had risen until he touched my Son with his own fingers.

I watch over my Little Thomas always, and hear his prayers. He is never to lose hope, for I am always here for him. My Divine Son is also with him and he need only call our names for Us to come to his assistance. He is to offer the sacrifices he suffers to Heaven, and great graces will befall him.

I love you, my Little Golden Knight, please keep up with your prayers. I bless Little Br. Thomas and you, now, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.
* I knew, by the voice who now and then called me long-distance requesting that I accept the call, that I was dealing with a young person. Indeed I was, and the low-tone conversation stayed for a good while on a rather shy level of inquiry regarding The Asylum City about which he somehow came to hear. I tried my best to draw him out of his shyness by talking in a casual way. He seemed so shy that I had at first a hard time to hear him and so I would have him repeat what was said, until one day he opened up with a firmer voice even to astound me with the news he received messages from Heaven.
I was stunned and assured him that I would indeed accept whatever he had to pass on to me. And this is how I came to receive a series of messages ... which, alas, came to an abrupt halt when a false "mentor"* came into the picture to discredit me and The Asylum City, a tactic immediately tried also with Sherman Bridges, Little Thomas, of San Jose, CA, with whom I had also entered in contact, but fortunately did not work, although he was subjected, as well as a whole hallful of people by this "mentor", to practically a full hour of harangue against John/Albert, and The Asylum City. "An awful experience", Br. Thomas would later state to me. I am now hoping that Little Golden Knight will be pulled away with Heaven's help from the influence of this "mentor" who is causing much harm for obscure reasons having to do with my relationship with the guardian of the Weeping Madonna of Canada, Brother Joseph Francis, going way in the past.
*Cf. August 16, 1997.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 17, 1999 - A message by Our Lady to Little Golden Knight of Fremont, CA, USA:

I greet you, My son, and thank you for the many prayers you have offered this day. It pleases Me well that you have returned to your daily prayers given you.

My son, you ask Me about My dear son John/Albert in Canada. Yes, he is Little John of the Last Times.

My son, you also ask Me now of Fr. Blais, and why he refers to himself as John. It is not my intent to speak ill words about anyone, my son, but Fr. Blais has let the devil win over him and has manipulated and changed messages to suit himself. There are a few who know this but can do nothing about it. My son John/Albert in Canada is the Apostle John of the Latter Times.

My child, pray much for what is happening in Kosovo. The fighting is becoming worse and more are losing their lives. This will bring into play all of the events that have been prophesied long ago.

Continue with your daily prayers, my child, and always keep your eyes on Heaven. I bless you now, as well as Brother Thomas and John/Albert. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

April 17, 1999

Dear Br. Thomas,

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I think you will be well pleased to know that Our Lady has confirmed your role as the Apostle Thomas of the Latter Times. With this grace comes much responsibility. The devil knows who you are now and the special mission you have been given, and he will work his hardest to try to destroy you. Please pray the Rosary daily for guidance and protection, the entire 15 decades if you can. I don't know all what your mission includes at this time, but just stay and remain strong through all temptations and sins and try to always remain in the state of grace.

You have been chosen by Heaven for something very special, and Our Lord and Our Lady love you very much.

Be assured of my prayers and support.

Your friend and brother in Jesus and Mary,

Brian Alves, Little Golden Knight

* * *

On April 17, 1999, Our Lady said to me:

"My son, you ask Me about my dear son John/Albert in Canada. Yes, he is ‘Little John' of the Last Times.

"My child, you ask Me now of Fr. Blais and why he refers to himself as ‘John'. It is not my intent to speak ill words about anyone, my son, but Fr. Blais has let the devil win over him and has manipulated and changed messages to suit himself. There are a few who know this but they can do nothing about it.

"My son John/Albert in Canada is the Apostle John of the Last Times."

Our Lady repeated not once, but twice in the above message that you are "Little John."

* * *

On April 20, 1999, Our Lord gave this message about Thornbush in response to The Little Pebble's question:

"My Little Pebble, my White Rock of Truth, there are now some things that you must realize and accept. You have depended much on my daughter Thornbush in the past. She was true and genuine, My son, do not doubt this. The direction you have received in the past is true. However, Satan works hard to destroy the Work of God. He succeeded at L'Avenir, my son. As I have told My Little Golden Knight in the past, Fr. Blais is not the Apostle John of the Last Times. He was, my son, but he let the Devil win over him. By his pride and secret plans he dis-merited the grace of being my ‘Little John'. It was then that I chose my dear son John/Albert of the Community of St. Joseph to be my ‘Little John'.

"Through time, my daughter Thornbush was also influenced by Fr. Blais. The mission that once was given at L'Avenir has failed."

* * *

And again, on April 21, 1999, Our Lord said to me:

"Fr. Blais will not return to unity with my White Rock because he has wandered too far from the Light and has taken my daughter Thornbush with him. He is no longer the Apostle John of the Last Times. This has been given to another. After my daughter Thornbush dis-united from my Little Pebble, there were still shreds of truth in the messages. This is why it was prophesied that she would soon return and re-unite. However, she veered too far from the correct path and her mission has been lost. Therefore she will not come to Australia because her mission has failed."

* * *

On April 22, 1999, I was shown a vision of L'Avenir cracking into pieces and was again told that you are Heaven's "Little John." This message you already have in your possession.

Let us however carry on with confidence. Our Lord would tell me, on April 22, 1999, "I will not allow the confusion that now exists to last much longer." He also promised that "The dissension that now exists will soon be finished."

* * *

April 25, 1999

Dear John/Albert,

Heaven warned me three times of Fr. Blais, Jesus twice and Our Lady once. Our Lady has given me permission to send you the portions of the messages which deal with this issue.

I also have been told on three occasions that Fr. Blais is not ‘Little John'. On two of these occasions I was told that it was you; on the third occasion I was not told a name but I was told it was given to another. I was also told for a fourth time, on April 22, 1999, that you are ‘Little John'.

St. Joseph also told me this very morning, April 25, 1999, "Fear not, soon all will be fixed."

Brian Alves, Little Golden Knight

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 25, 1999 - A message by Our Lady of Consolation and Hope to Little Golden Knight at 6:25 a.m.:

There has been much asked of my instruments in the past, but not all sought to remain on the correct path.

My daughter Marie-Paule has not fallen completely, but she was not attentive to the call of Heaven: she did not follow through with all that was asked of her. The same can be said of my son Joseph Francis.

The Trumpeter has veered far from the correct path; he will return, but it will be late.

It is important for all my children, my dear little ones, to remain attentive to my words, especially those who have been given a special mission from Heaven.

I bless you my son, as well as all of Heaven's holy communities and all chosen souls. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 25, 1999 - Messages from Heaven given to Little Golden Knight of Fremont, CA, USA, at 8:10 a.m.:

Our Lady of Consolation and Hope: I greet you , my Little Golden Knight. Pray much, for many great events are soon to occur. Be prepared both spiritually and physically. The Great Warning will come before this year is over;* my Son has told you the date. We in Heaven do not give knowledge without a reason, my dear little one. Therefore, pray and remain in a state of grace. Keep God always in your mind and in your heart. When you are persecuted, you will bless your enemies.

A great comet has been spotted in Chile, my child. This comet will soon come and cause repercussions upon the earth. This comet is very large and is known as a planetoid; it will be made more apparent in August of this year.*

The Maitreya will soon make his presence more widely known throughout the world. He will use many new technological inventions for diabolical purposes. He will use hypnotism, and has all of his plans set.

My Great Monarch shall soon arise and be put upon the throne of France. He has been prepared well and will do battle with the Antichrist.

You are to pray much for all seers and chosen souls, for the mission from Heaven is not an easy one. Some have let themselves be taken over by the evil one; Satan works hardest against God's elect, because it is so easy for him to fool the rest of humanity.

My spouse St. Joseph will now speak with you.

St. Joseph: I greet you my son, Little Knight of Heaven. Implore my aid and protection often, for it is powerful in these times. I wish to send a special blessing to the Community which I watch over in Canada - The Asylum City. I give a special blessing to John/Albert and wish to thank him for continuing on with faith in his mission, even in times when he was unsure of what it was.

Little Golden Knight: I saw John/Albert seated, and St. Joseph holding the Infant Jesus appeared in front of him and placed a Lily in his heart.

I then saw St. Joseph again and he was standing outdoors, in a field, and I knew he was in Canada. He then turned his head and looked in a direction which somehow I know was the direction in which L'Avenir is located, I could see L'Avenir far in the distance. When St. Joseph looked in that direction he looked very sad and quickly turned his head back as if he did not want to look there any longer. When he was looking there, the Infant Jesus, who was in his arms, would not look in the direction of L'Avenir and instead put his head down and looked sad.

St. Joseph: Fear not, soon all will be fixed.

I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Our Lady of Consolation and Hope: I love all of my sweet children; please pray daily my Rosary. Every bead is like a beautifully perfumed rose that you offer Me. I take this rose, pull off the petals and drop them down onto you from Heaven - these are graces granted you.

My daughter St. Theresa also goes around the world dropping petals - graces - upon those who ask them of her.

St. Thérèse of Lisieux: Live in simplicity. Simplicity of heart means purity of soul. Purity of soul means entering God's Kingdom. Live your lives as if all are your brothers and sisters - one large family.

I look down upon the world and see much darkness, but in this darkness all over the world are little lights. These little lights scattered in the darkness of the world are God's chosen elect. When these lights form together, one powerful and unified light is formed, overpowering all of the darkness. I send my blessing to the world, to all of those "little lights" scattered throughout the darkness. Have hope, for your reward is soon to come.

Our Lady of Consolation and Hope: My son, thank you for remaining attentive to Heaven's call. Give the peace of My son to all. Live this day with joy and thankfulness in your heart for God, Who gave it (this day) to you.

I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.
* According to reprieves ... this has to be understood.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 25, 1999 - A message by Our Lady given to Little Golden Knight at 8:00 p.m.

It is to be known, my son, that wherever I am there too is the devil. I will answer your question regarding my daughter Mary Jane Even. There have been times when there has not been enough discernment, and she has received a few false inspirations.

The messages are to be sent to all of my children, and not be restricted to a certain few. You are to inform my Little John that my daughter was falsely inspired regarding not sending him the messages. There are many who have false impressions of my son Albert, my Little John because of misunderstanding and hearsay.*

In the days of old, after the Resurrection of my Son, I was taken care of by the Apostle John. And so now my Little John of the Last Times loves and protects Me, but not without the Evil One trying to discredit him in order to thus discredit Me.

I send a myriad of protective Angels to the superior of the Community of My Son's Holy Face, your Community. The suffering of my dear son Al is necessary to bring a bundle of blessings down upon the Community. Fear not however, he will soon be fine and healthy.

I love you and bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.
* Cf. August 16, 1997, above.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

June 1, 1999 - In order to clarify a so little-known point concerning the return of Christ, here I come across a message to Lucy of Fatima which I hasten to send to The Little Pebble:

Dear Little Pebble,

I am sending the following message given to Lucy of Fatima, in 1988, not, however, in the spirit of contradicting the understanding of so many in regards to the soon Coming of Our Lord, but to be more in conformity with Heaven.

Practically the same explanation as to His Coming was given to Maria Valtorta. We thus have Three Comings, and Our Lord, in his message to Maria Valtorta, specifically asks that we do not quibble about it.

So here is the message as given to Lucy:

A message from Our Lady of Fatima to Lucy, given at Coimbra in October, 1988

"You have often asked Me, my daughter, when would Jesus come back to Earth from Heaven. This same question was made to Him by his disciples themselves one day, and Jesus answered that neither the angels, the prophets, nor Himself could determine the day reserved to the Will of the Father only.

"You then wanted to know whether the old and the new prophecies, which foretell the soon coming of Jesus into the world, would be fulfilled during this century. Well, know that my Son will return to the Earth when you will least imagine it.

"Jesus Himself, with his lovable and gently eyes, said, one day, ‘When I descend to Earth, shall I still find faith in Me?' By these words, which I too preserve in my heart, He was announcing his return to Earth. And not only saints and seers have predicted this Coming of my Son, but I too have repeated these words to souls who are dear to Me, ‘Pray, do penance and purify your souls, for the day when Jesus will appear suddenly on the Earth is imminent.' Yes, my daughter, his return is imminent.

"Between his First Coming, sung by the angels at Bethlehem and announced to the shepherds, and the Last Coming at the End of the world, this Intermediate, certain, sudden and imminent Coming is fixed in God's plans.

"Jesus will appear and descend from Heaven, first with his Mercy and then with his Justice. He will descend - and very shortly - to make the last call of his Mercy to so many of my children who have not believed my many messages and warnings.

"He will descend to snatch from the Evil One the many legions of souls swept away by deceit and incredulity towards eternal damnation.

"He will appear mainly to confirm in faith all those who believe and hope in Him by resisting with strength to the mass of the unbelievers. And it is this legion of good and virtuous souls that attract and invite Him to come down from Heaven. It is for them that seem to come out of his lips that same expression that He used one day for the crowd surrounding Him, ‘I feel compassion for this multitude and I cannot send them away without food.'

"But He will mainly appear for the so many of my children who are faltering in their faith, as the two disciples of Emmaus who had abandoned the Cenacle in the morning of the first Passover and whom He had caught up with as an unknown pilgrim on the dusty road, and whom He had reconfirmed in their faith of the divine Scriptures, and as with the Apostle Thomas who had refused to believe in his first apparitions to Peter, John and Mary Magdalen, and to whom he also appeared.

"In a special way He will come again for the confusion of the atheists and the impenitent who will be crushed by his Light as Saul was thrown from his horse and plunged into the dust under the walls of Damascus.

"He will appear to convert those who do not believe in his Divinity, by manifesting it in all its glory, as to the three disciples on Mount Tabor by his Transfiguration. He will thus make manifest the reality of his Heavenly Kingdom as well as the origin and divine mission of his Church in the world.

"Therefore, exhort all the world to come out of the tunnel of incredulity and the labyrinth of evil, sing the Credo of the Christian centuries, and abandon the habit of sin, for every relation with error is a rejection of his Light and a refusal of his Grace. So urge all men to intensify their prayers and to receive my Son, as the inhabitants of Jerusalem, one day, welcomed Him with palms and olive branches, crying Hosanna!, a cry that will never die out in the centuries.

"I embrace you and I bless you. Goodbye for now. My daughter."

Please tell me, "Why is it that so many confuse this soon Coming of Our Lord, the Intermediate Coming, with the Second Coming which is to come only at the End of Time, after the one-thousand year reign in the New Era of Peace?"

Even major seers make this error of interpretation. Can one then conclude that there are many other errors of this magnitude in the many messages given out by these seers? And why? Is one's comprehension interfering with the messages received? This seems in fact to be a prevalent situation, alas!

Following is also a message from Our Lady, given this time, in 1997, to Pawel of Poland (cf. August 31, 1997). The message followed questions given to the Polish seer through a mutual friend while he was in Paris:

  1. Why was I given the name John during a dream-vision which I saw myself as a tall pillar of granite, and I heard, "You are John, the protector of the Virgin Mary."? Was this a true dream-vision?

    "You are to know, my child, that this vision you mention was a true one. But you have to understand that the true meaning of this vision is different from what you think. Yes, you have to protect Me by your prayers and your work. Your heart must be so simple and pure as St. John's heart."

  2. Do You mean, Dear Mother, that I am the Apostle John of the Latter Days and for the New Era? Sr. Guadalupe, of Guatemala, and Fr. Manuele, of Mexico, both seers, said I was that apostle.

    "My dear child of My Immaculate Heart, I greet you and I send you My Love. Your mission given to you is true. So do not be worried, even afraid. You are my cherished one. I bless you in a special way, and I open My Maternal Heart to you. Your Loving Mother."

  3. Was Sr. Danielle, Thornbush, ever a true seer, or was her role as a seer a fabrication of Fr. Blais'?

    "She is a victim soul, My dear child, and a good seer, but not everything that has been published was from her."1

  4. Is William Kamm, The Little Pebble, to be Peter II?

    "Everything that God has planned, will occur, my son, so do not worry. Pray and wait for the decision of Holy Mother Church."

  5. Is the site of the Birch Tree, where You came in The Asylum City, to belong someday to the Community of Saint Joseph of The Asylum City?

    "Yes, We have a plan for this ground. I bless you, and I cover you with my mantle of love."

1Would that answer not vindicate, in anticipation, the messages given to Brian Alves2, of Fremont, California, regarding Fr. Blais' interference into Sr. Danielle's messages? Would that answer not vindicate Brian that indeed he had used the proper sign despite outside interferences telling him otherwise.

It is not by accident that this message given to Pawel Szczerzynski, of Poland, only found its way to the addressee almost two years after it was given out by Heaven, at a time when was needed a vindication of the messages given to Brian Alves regarding Fr. Blais' action and a repeat interference to stop Brian, this time. And the question is now, "Will Brian succumb the way Sr. Danielle did under the pressure?" Alas, present indications seem to point that way, especially when the seer believes the interveners that he had used the wrong "password" or a "weak one!"

Has the time not come to investigate these interveners and that they be told to butt out and allow Brian to resume the normal course of his mission? He is a very young seer whose mission is about to fizzle out if this interference is not stopped.

Now a big question, "What kept this message given to Pawel of Poland from being passed on as it should have been?" Fear and a false sense of confidentiality! A false dictate, indeed, for the Polish seer was about to visit L'Avenir the following year, this despite the content of the message which is very clear: Fr. Blais did interfere in the messages given to Sr. Danielle.

Why so much deceit by the Evil One? And we wonder why Heaven weeps, for I distinctly heard Our Blessed Mother sob when Pawel gave all kinds of excuses to justify his not coming to The Asylum City in Canada, even after a promise to come. He would later have to apologize to Joseph Re of Cincinnati, to whom he had given a strange tale regarding a visa for the US denied by the consulate in Cracow ... though the consulate contacted by Joseph Re maintained having never received an application for a visa to the States by one named Pawel Szczerzynski.

What a tangled web can one weave. Pawel tried so hard to hide the fact that he had gone to L'Avenir with stories of his visiting shrines. Sure he visited shrines ... but also L'Avenir. His friend, at whose place he stayed in Toronto, made the slip.

But to retain unduly the message given to him on August the 31st is another matter! In the end, however, Heaven prevailed and the message was given, even though inadvertently, at a most opportune time, given the similarities in Pawel's and Brian's messages regarding L'Avenir.

Brian's message2 is very clear: Fr. Blais is not the Apostle John of the Latter Days and he interfered with the messages given to Sr. Danielle with the consequence that she consented to this later on and thus lost her mission, although called to be a victim soul. I am not saying this: the messages given to Brian Alves2 are saying it, although he too consented to recant under undue pressure.

All truths surface, especially about attacks against The Asylum City over the years, and this from day one that its existence was made known. The fiercest attacks did come from L'Avenir, but, alas, also major seers jumped into the fray, and this was made known to you.

Would one still say that I am making too much of The Asylum City? Time and events will soon tell, will they not?

I do not relish bringing all this out, but it has to come out. All bespeaks of the onslaught by the Evil One to divide and conquer, and nip in the bud young missions, but Heaven is increasing the number of its instruments, have you not noticed?

I was not told for naught about this division among seers recently, about those for and those against The Asylum City, for those who came upon the scene in favor of The Asylum City, in my inner vision, were practically all new seers ... I did receive, recently, support from seers yet practically unknown. I did not know about them before the existence of The Asylum City.

To ward off any adverse reaction with which the Evil One can tempt you, one must keep in mind the warning received by Monica, of Canada, whose account I sent you. It is quite a guideline, do you not think, at this stage of events when many false currents are surfacing to contradict even the Scriptures.

No, the millennium had not already taken place, as I once discussed with you in 1987 on the grounds of the church in Fatima during a pilgrimage. No, the New Era is a thousand-year period, not a 1,500-year period, as claimed by Mary Jane Even, nor a 5,300-year period as was stated in your last fax, or a 5,000 year period as claimed by Andrew Wingate, The Trumpeter.

Oh, that period from 33 A.D. to year 1940 A.D. was the Millennium spoken of in Scripture!? Mathematically this gives us 1,907 years!! And so now we would be heading towards millennia! or a millennium and a half!? Preposterous, is it not, as the period of 1,907 years was not a period of peace, but of wars, heresies, schisms, etc!? Definitely not the era of "thy Kingdom come."

Indeed Our Lord restricted Satan's power and repressed legions of demons to the Abyss, at the First Coming, but it is Our Lady's role to chain him in the Abyss and close it for a thousand-year period at the end of The Day of Yahweh, the Tribulation Period. Was She not shown with the great chain She will use to bind Lucifer then, when She came at La Salette, one of the greatest eschatological apparitions?

In order to avoid confusion, why not stick to Scripture, literally as we are asked to do, in a dimensional literalism where each book is in God's Eternal Present, thus explaining each other in a spiral fashion where, apparently, events seem to overlap.

What has happened to our seers?

And who is at the root of all these contentious statements? The Evil One, of course! But did you not tell me during our discussion on the grounds of the church of Fatima that you had someone, a magistrate, who edited your messages? Would this mean that you too were a victim of tampering, and this from the onset of your mission to this very day? Even the rules and constitutions of The Order of St. Charbel were made topsy-turvy - under my very eyes in James Duffy's house - by the same one who tried this with the community about to be formed by  Joseph Francis in Canada. You, yourself, had received the message, while in Chicago, to oust this person, Fr. Blais, out of the newly-born community.

In my inner vision which I have recently related to you about the division of seers regarding The Asylum City, you stood in the background.

Now the question is, "Will you remain in the background in a zone of neutrality?" You know, however, that no one can be neutral in regards to Heaven's work or plans.

The Asylum City, as I have often said, is more than a place, it is an event: the grouping of the 12,000 from each tribe of Israel. It is the place for which Heaven has special plans, as told to Pawel of Poland, on August 31, 1997. It is the place of the tower of granite (cf. A17, Section V), which will serve as the pylon for the ark of light to link with the column of light at Garabandal!

No, no one can afford to just stand by. Five years of apparitions of Our Lady under so many titles, and the visitations of so many personages from Heaven over these five years, from 1992 to 1997, do not allow for any wait-and-see stance. This has often been a cause of sorrow for Our Lady.

To conclude, I must add this, "Had I received in time the message from Our Lady given to Pawel of Poland, I could have sent it to Brian to encourage him that he was on the right track, that the messages received regarding L'Avenir and other matters were true."

A period of confusion could thus have been avoided, but the Evil One need not rejoice, for Heaven will have the last word.

Fraternally yours,


1,2 Cf. Section VIII for the messages given to Brian, in April, 1999.
Now, Brian Alves received warnings regarding Fr. Blais and Sr. Danielle, and, as I have often told you, I too have received warnings regarding him, in symbolic visions. I have also received warnings in symbolic visions for you, Fr. Broussard and Andrew Wingate, over the years starting in January, 1989.
So what must I do, given the situation, other then make these known for the ones concerned?
Before acting, rest assured that I shall pray, for, if there is to be a disclosure of these warnings, it will only be in a spirit of helping souls out of the confusion. I shall wait, and remember that I am against no one. I only want the truth to be laid out, if and when I am prompted to do so.
The warnings received were given as forerunners of things to come or of things already in progress.
My task is not an easy one, but I shall not be deterred when the time comes.
So far, I am only inclined to give out warnings in a private fashion, but I fear that they go by the wayside -  not surprising, for the battle is that intense. Is it not said that even the Great Warning will be heeded by the majority but for a time only?
William, great errors have been made over the years, but however, Heaven wished that your mission be safeguarded, and so might not come a time when somebody else take your place. Has this not been intimated when Mary Jane Even had the warning of 1992? Sure Heaven relented, as explained by St. Ariel, but be sure not to explain away errors as just wrong choices, please.
I was also asked by the Eternal Father to keep ready for impending warnings for four major seers: Marie-Paule, of Quebec, who backed away from founding The City of the Immaculate; Joseph Francis, now too of Quebec, who backed away from helping her in this role of foundation; you, for letting too many tamper with your work, and for what was about to happen, going the natural way instead of the supernatural way in your interpretation of your role as the new Abraham; and finally, Andrew Wingate, The Trumpeter, for introducing schemes that finally led him outside the Church.
Had not Joseph Francis received the message that your last child was to be Bernadette, and from thereon you were to prepare for your role as the future pontiff? Joseph Francis' messages were accepted then. So why the change? Do you now understand my reticence in the matter?
Heaven is patient, but there will come a time of reckoning. I repeat, I am not against you, nor am I against the above-mentioned seers. The Lord knows how much I have tried to warn them in all the tunes of the scale. Yet, I keep my door open to all, and I keep abreast of developments with faith and hope. This means that I remain united.
St. Ariel gave a message for you on May 27, 1998 (Cf. Section VIII on The Asylum City). Are you heeding it? "Yes", you say in your last fax, in so many words to spell out your intent.
I do appreciate your overall candidness.
A last thought: Our Lord, in his Intermediate Coming, is coming to inaugurate his Reign and give to man his Lost Paradise, and then He hands over to Our Lady the monarchical government of the New Jerusalem as Queen together with the new Apostles at her side. Then Our Lord will come again after the thousand-year period in his Last Coming for the final judgment and the transfer of Hades, the Abyss, to the Lake of Fire, the real Hell for eternity of eternities. Earth will not be destroyed, it will be creation's turn to be transfigured into mansions of Heaven. Many saints have seen the Earth transformed into a magnificent transparent orb.* The Stars, the Moon, the Sun and the Earth are all crying out to be finally rid of the evil that they, too, had to endure for millennia. Is it not said in the Glory be, "World without end?"
Beautiful mysteries right under our eyes but we fail to see them!
Hades, the Abyss, when thrown into the Lake of Fire, will be wrenched from the Earth and swung by Our Lady to distances even unimaginable by angels. (Cf. The City of God, as manifested to Maria of Agreda.)
Creation is finite; only God is infinite. This I was given to see and comprehend when Our Lord came to me in a dream-vision to pick me up and plunge me into his Sacred Heart. This occurred in the late ‘80's. I found myself floating on a red ocean and saw the myriads of myriads of spiraling galaxies all contained within God's infinity.
*Signes des Temps (Signs of The Times), Paul-Marie, Ed. Jules Hovine, 33, rue Longue, 7713 Marquain, Belgique (Belgium).

* * * * * * * * * * * *

January 3, 2000 - Here are some questions faxed to Pawel of Poland by Lita Desouza of Paris to be posed to Our Lady:

  1. Is it a true phenomenon that of the bleeding hosts which occurred at Ron O'Brien's in the US?

    "My child, this phenomenon was from Heaven but the people made too much gossip.* This was an authentic sign for those with the true faith."

  2. Will Pawel and I go to The Asylum City some day, Pawel to visit and I to stay?

    "My child, this is God's desire. One day at the opportune time you will find yourselves there. Be patient for God has a plan towards you."

  3. Joseph Re wants to know if he has to continue his efforts towards moving out of his city.

    "Yes, he must quietly continue his efforts to move out of his city. Cincinnati will become a dangerous place to live in during the events."

*Gossip on the internet through e-mails that aroused such opposition that Ron eventually had to take his family to Ireland to have peace.
I had gone with some friends to Ron's house in New Hamshire, USA, to see the miraculous hosts and perhaps have the privilege of obtaining one in a pyx to place in my little chapel. My wish was granted with the added blessing, a few days later at home, to see the blood spot in the middle of the host grow a stem of blood to thus form the shape of a tree which reminded me of the Birch Tree in The Asylum City. Moreover the most beautiful fragrance of lavender filled the chapel, while the cotton wool used to cover the host in the pyx turned lavender. At Ron's house, at the moment he opened the door of the room where all the miraculous hosts were kept in pyxes on a table, a most intense white light shone past me as I was kneeling at the door.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 5, 2000 - Answers from Our Lady to questions posed by Pawel Szcerzynski, Little Brother in Christ of Poland:

  1. The hurdles between Marie-Paule of The Army of Mary and me seem unsurmountable at the moment. Will You, dear Mother, have to intervene directly to make Marie-Paule change her mind and see me as a friend? Will she have to come to The Asylum City in order for her to be convinced of the truth in my regard?

    "My dear son of My Immaculate Heart, I greet you in My Maternal Heart sending you my love in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

    "Do not be afraid, but trust in my words, my dear son. Many souls are influenced by their own subconscious and do not follow the truth which is only based on love. Have patience, my child, because the hour is very close and everything will be changed and returned to the order of grace and true unity. Do not give up your faith and follow my love."

  2. Marie-Paule's present attitude kind of scares me. Should I attend the ceremony of February 13th? Am I right in feeling she is influenced by her collaborators?

    "Yes, you are right, my child. This is what I explained to you above, but you are to know that you may attend the meeting ... I bless you my child, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 11, 2000 - Is the statue of The Weeping Madonna of Canada not destroyed? This question is the subject matter of a fax sent to The Little Pebble of Australia:

Dear Little Pebble,

Here is a question I have been wanting you to ask Our Lady for a long time. It has to do with the statue of The Weeping Madonna of Canada whose fate was again brought to my attention today by a privileged soul of our Community of St. Joseph, Jeannine DeGrechie, who was, as we all were, a member of the society founded by Joseph Francis, of Saint John.

It was revealed to Jeannine in a dream-vision, on August 25, 1993, that the statue was still existing and not damaged as it could have been, having beed protected by a heavy coat of ice from the water jets poured by the firemen during the fire which destroyed the Mother House of the society founded by Joseph Francis. It was revealed to her that someone of the society in Saint John had retrieved the statue (cf. August 25, 1993), and that it was now kept hidden since the fire of 1988. It was also said in her dream-vision that the statue would be completely restored to its original beauty, as it was not that badly damaged.

What a saga! Could you not verify this with Our Lady? And, please, tell us if you had known this for sometime but had judged not to divulge it in order not to disturb certain sensitivities.

If the statue is still in existence, could you not prevail upon those keeping the secret in order to bring the statue to the custodian appointed by Heaven in the event something would happen to Joseph Francis? I know this is a sensitive issue, but one that has to be resolved shortly. Heaven could advise you on the matter.



* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 12, 2000 - As usual a prompt answer arrives:

Dear John/Albert,

The statue will be restored and returned after the Great Warning. That is all I have been told.

God bless,


* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 13, 2000 - Again I send a fax to The Little Pebble, not feeling I had received full information...

Dear Little Pebble,

Thank you again for being so prompt in answering.

Now there still remains a major point unanswered. The fact that Heaven is letting us know that the statue still exists does it not mean that Heaven wants to tell us where the statue is kept?

Also, Florence Godin keeps getting dream-visions during which she sees her deceased husband Hector. She strongly believes that Heaven is trying to tell her something. Are these dream-visions true? (Incidentally her headaches have subsided since she has started applying Marie-Paule's photo on her face, a photo given special blessings for cures.)

As soon as I am through with my historical and biographical essay it will be part of the contents of The Third Testament on The Asylum City, the hardest piece of writing I ever had to do as I narrate my experiences with the diverse Marian movements I joined throughout the years. The demons twice harassed me, trying to impress upon my mind that what I was writing was futile, but St. Ariel counter-acted by reassuring me recently that the writing had to be done and made accessible* to Marie-Paule, for it would be the very thing that would help her rethink her position. As you know she has left her headquarters in Quebec City to move back to her native town, Lac-Etchemin, where she had a huge building erected for her community ...



* One of the major reasons to put all material pertaining to The Asylum City on the internet, for writing directly to Marie-Paule was not an assured route of communication it was said.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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