THE ASYLUM CITY / ... The City of The Rosa Mystica ...

Cf. A16, Sept. 13, 1990, Section V

III - A Word of Introduction

July 20, 1999

To the people of God,

Greetings. As the months progress, all souls of good will are in the great expectation of the Visitation of Our Lord and God and His Imminent Intermediary Return to Earth before his Last Advent after the one thousand years of The New Reign. Events and dates are passing by swiftly. The Cross too has become the Divine Labor in our souls where, although we are excited to glance in the future, we are ever drawn back to earth by this burden laid upon our weary shoulders. Fear not, dear souls that love God, for God has heard your prayers. God has set in motion all that is to take place. All we need to do is have trust and confidence in Him, Who knows all for our end cause, and all is good for those that Love and Serve Him. But while we wait for all to be fulfilled, we must persevere in our endeavors, first to do our part in Prayer and Sacrifice, and second to plan for the future.

For many years now, God has revealed a Plan as in the time of Noah and the Great Flood. God told them then to build an Ark; Our Ark is Our Holy Mother. So the first step is to build your own ark in your soul, so that Christ will reign in your heart. This dedication must be through the Portal of the Virgin Mary. Once we have done this and anchored ourselves to this Divine Ark of Love, Mary, then we must prepare the paths and means so that the human race, with more time, is protected and safe so that mankind can prosper and continue to bring forth the Kingdom of God on Earth, in the Hearts of men.

Just as God asked Noah to build a physical Ark, God is asking us to do the same but in different ways because the Flood, this time, is not water only, but many tempests. Our God desires an Ark whence the Flood of Atheism and all corruptions of the Capitalism, Communism and Totalitarianism and Modernism and all various spiritual "isms" cannot flood our souls and pollute our hearts.

God asked us to go and build safe havens* where Truth and Virtues are expounded, where our children can grow up in purity, holiness and with dignity. These are the Communities, the Glens and Places designated by God where man will be safe when the Chastisements, in the full, will come to the Earth. One of these special places is called The Asylum City or another name for it is the City of the Immaculate Heart*. This place of refuge is an area of relative size in Canada where God will protect His children (... the 144,000 of the 12 tribes of Isreal). On January 21, 1989, this was revealed to a good soul named John/Albert, of a community in New Brunswick, Canada, dedicated to Saint Joseph ... The area comprises eight miles (13km.) In diameter, enclosing the greater part of the original Ecclesiastical Parish of Petit Rocher. For those wishing to know more should write to John/Albert Arseneau at : 1125 Rte 134, CP/PB 3021, Petit Rocher, NB E8J 3E7, Canada (or download the information from the website).

I finish this introduction with the writings of John/Albert himself in his preface of the booklet which contains all the details necessary for those wishing to inquire about it. I encourage all souls to consider Our Holy Mother's Invitation while there is still time. I send my blessings to all in the hope and great expectation of the final curtain, as it draws near, and the sunshine of our hopes is brought into extreme joy of the Risen and Renewed Church.

Your friend and servant of Christ,

William Kamm, The Little Pebble        
161B Koloona Drive        
North Nowra, Cambewarra, NSW 2541, Australia        

* In the case of The Asylum City, given the failure of the physical foundation of The City of the Immaculate (see Section V), Heaven took it upon itself to establish The Asylum City - to read well Section V. (Cf. June 21, 1997, Section VIII.)

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